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Gearhead since 6 years old finding out magneto on 2 stroke lawnmower can knock you on your butt , former Mercury Marine Master Tech still goofing around with all manner of "Machines" out of Stupidity/economic necessity and even still some joy at 73 (yeah , years old....) Thank you for letting me join an EXCELLENT Forum !
Many years ago, Your panel of members were very helpful in trying to help me find a part for my 2007 Pontiac Hard Top Convertible.
I may have neglected to THANK THEM ALL...that is bad on me.
Please accept my gratitude for the time you took and the help you provided. Thank You, Thank You!
Joe Watson (ID NoSweatAmerica)
I have a Ford mondeo.. It has no start.. Cluster not responding.. Showing fault codes u0155 and u0452
having starting issues .starter turns over but wont turn motor. what could be the problem i have done these things to it and nothing: changed starter, ign relay, battery,and most of the fuses related to ignition and starter. and changed the crank shaft position sensor. too..... PLEASE HELP ME