Real spare tire


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Dec 1, 2006
I know this is probably a nobrainer question For you guys but i wanted to know since cars have not had a real spare tire for sometime but a donut mickeymouse spare instead will the space for the donut mickey mouse only hold that and not a actual real size authentic spare if a person had one?. Would most cars space for the spare only hold the mickeymouse?


Aug 28, 2007
I feel both the NHTSA and the DOT are smoking crack on this issue, making ABS, Traction Control, Tire Pressure low warning devices law on all new vehicles, that this law is totally broken by using a stupid compact spare just to save about ten pounds in weight. Many new vehicles don't even have a spare tire, but a can of compressed air with some glue inside, next to worthless.

With my vehicle since we had to put up with this BS, if you have to use this POS spare tire, first off can get killed, many highways do not have a side lane to replace it, have to change it on the main lane. If your front tire is flat, have to move one of your rear tires to the front and use that bad joke of a spare on the rear.

But if you do, what do with that full sized blown tire? That have to make that space large enough to fit that full size tire. You can try this yourself, I have in the safety of my garage, it fits.

Compact spares are only good for 50 miles, of my gosh, my destination is 51 miles away, and how to I get back home. While making tire pressure monitoring law, another rip off. If all four sensors have limited life, and cost you close to 400 bucks to have them replaced. And if on a three day weekend, all vehicle and tire dealers are closed, several of my friends had to stay in a motel someplace, and missed work the followin tuesday. Before that phony fuel shortage in 1973 akk gas stations were full service, all convenience stores now, do sell beer in Wisconsin, most don't even have air, those that do charge 50 cents each time you push the button, sure better carry a tire pressure gauge.

Ha, my first four vehicles, 30 Olds, Ford, 33 Buick.37 Cadillac Limo not only had a spare tire, but two of them in the front and identical in every aspect to the wheels and tires on that vehicle.

My last to vehicles with full size spares an 82 motorhome and a 88 Supra, but I can go way back to 1956 when they were putting crap tires on new vehicle, a single ply tire with a 4 ply rating? You got to be kidding!