Motorcycle engine rattles, smokes, doesnt start after sitting for year



I have what I believe to be a motor from a Honda trail bike. We've welded it into another form of transportation so can't give an exact year or model. My question is this: We ran this engine last year and it drove fine. Started right up. It sat for a year and was just getting it out today with a fresh battery (that may not be fully charged).

Hook up the battery, put in the gas and oil, set it to "run" and hit the start button. All I get is this small rattly noise within the engine. Right around the spark plug but definitely in the interior. A bit of acrid, whispy smoke as well.

What happened? Could there be a short? Battery just not fully charged? Why the smoke?

Here are a few pictures if they will help.

From the front:

And from the top.

Thanks in advance for any ideas. I have the battery back on the charger and will give it another go tomorrow.


Anyone recognize this motor?

Ok, have determined it is the starter motor not engaging. Gave it a few gentle taps. Still rattled. Tapped again, nothing. *sigh*

So now I need to figure out what kind of motor this is to get a new starter.

Anyone recognize the motor???


I thought I had old Honda stuff around here, feel your engine was made before I was born, that would put your engine in the bronze age or early iron age class, may have been built by caveman.

Do you feel it's time for an upgrade?

I just purchased a Honda mower last fall, on clearance for $225.00, nice quiet 6.5 HP OHV engine, doesn't have electric start, but just have to look at the pull rope and it's running, no effort at all. Ironically, Honda wants $360.00 just for the engine when you get that same exact engine plus all that lawn mower stuff for $135.00 less. Small engine part prices have become absolutely insane.

Would find something with a Honda engine on it, remove it and update your vehicle, would be much better and even cheaper than buying just a piston with a rod on it, if you can even find one.