2003 Hyundai Elantra charging problems


Aug 28, 2007
I briefly went to auctions between engineering jobs. First you have have new car dealers coming in with trade-ins that have enough experience to know they will never make a profit by repairing someones piece of junk.

Major customers are used car dealers, looking for something cheap they can make a profit it, usually don't have the best mechanics and how complicated they are making these things now with many different makes, almost next to impossible to know every problem, so they get screwed, bring the vehicle back to the next auction and try to screw another used car dealer.

People are keeping vehicles longer now until problems occur and cheaper to trade it than pay for repairs. Ha, met used car dealers that didn't know they needed a new air bag controller and ECU that would cost them just 2000 bucks for parts plus labor, a lot more than they paid for the car. Really have to look hard at a slightly bent shock tower.

Oh, another crook we had and still have is Bill Clinton, instructed the IRS to treat rebuilding cores at retail value, took the suspreme court over 8 years to look at this case. In the meantime over 7,000 engine and parts rebuilders went out of business. You don't know this stuff unless you are on the inside. Lot of this stuff went to China, and even getting worse crap back.

While the EPA, OSHA, ERA, and in particular, the IRS was jumping all over us as well as another government agency, Jo service, paying time and half for over time, vacation and sick leave, health insurance, high local property taxes, getting next to impossible to compete with China even paying minor children a buck for a 16 hour day. Clinton sure made a lot of money for himself. For us, quality only lasted for a short time, good bye jobs. Can't compete, and did you know there are over 1400 container ships bringing that crap over here?