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  1. Mobile Dan

    2006 Lincoln town car drivers door won’t open

    Can you open the other door?
  2. Mobile Dan

    1988 Allergo motorhome 454 timing.

    You might have to disconnect the "timing connector" which stops the computer from advancing the timing. At that point the engine is running at "base timing" and the timing can be read and adjusted, if necessary. Best to try this with a warm engine...a cold engine may stall if you want it to idle...
  3. Mobile Dan

    No exterior lights or dash accessories

    Dorman - Conduct-Tite 14 Gauge Fusible Link Wire Carded 2 reviews 30 DAY REPLACEMENT IF DEFECTIVE Part # 85623 You could do testing with a (fused) jumper wire, but it would be a really bad idea to not protect the circuit with a fusible link.
  4. Mobile Dan

    No exterior lights or dash accessories

    iRV2 Forums > COMMUNITY FORUMS > Vintage RV's Electrical schematic on 80's Rambler
  5. Mobile Dan

    No exterior lights or dash accessories

    The red wire in the pic..."snakebit"... is that the one with no power? If so, stick a pin in the hole and apply (fused) power with a jumper wire and see what happens. And...have you tested for power to your cluster connector? At least one of those pins should have power with the key on.
  6. Mobile Dan

    Help needed! Can you identify this transmission part? 2008 Chevy HHR (4t45-E transmisson)

    I would think that the output shaft was off-center when the side cover was tightened down. That might be only due to "improper procedure" (like, should have wiggled it back to center while installing cover), or there may be another problem, like a worn support bushing or bearing.
  7. Mobile Dan

    1993 Dodge Caravan C/V Transmission problems

    Sounds like a governor problem. Read this...found it on the net... The governor may be serviced by removing the transaxle oil pan and valve body assembly. The governor may be unbolted from the governor support and removed from the transaxle for reconditioning or replacement. When cleaning or...
  8. Mobile Dan

    Parasitic Diagnostic Testing on 2007 Ram 1500 5.7L (what to expect for mm readout)

    Looks to me that the "Sunroof Module" has a motor plus a box of electronic goodies that could cause problems that a simple motor would not have.
  9. Mobile Dan

    Feels like it is downshifting while sitting at traffic light, feel a 'bump"

    Same thing with AC on or Off? Check for loose or missing mount bolts at rear of transmission.
  10. Mobile Dan

    What is this? It does not light up.

    It is a motion sensor. Primarily to help you to realize that you forgot that your kid is in the back seat.
  11. Mobile Dan

    Is my battery good or no good

    Your nearest auto parts store will probably test it for free.
  12. Mobile Dan

    Speed limit display icon not showing on instrument cluster

    Has any body been "playing with the buttons"? The setting may have been changed. Is that information supplied by something that requires a subscription (like Onstar or Sirius)? Your "free trial with vehicle purchase" may have expired.
  13. Mobile Dan

    Parasitic Diagnostic Testing on 2007 Ram 1500 5.7L (what to expect for mm readout)

    You may need to figure out how to make the vehicle "think the hood and doors are closed, when they are not".
  14. Mobile Dan

    Parasitic Diagnostic Testing on 2007 Ram 1500 5.7L (what to expect for mm readout)

    "Connect MM leads between negative battery post and the negative batter cable clamp. " After you do this, you may need to attach an additional (thicker) wire between post and clamp, for about 2 minutes. This helps the vehicles modules to "go the sleep" and power requirements go way down. Then...
  15. Mobile Dan

    2005 Lexus ES330

    Sometimes the belt might do an "inchworm" on the rear sprocket, but you can't see it due to the location and design of the sprocket. It is engaged at the entry point and the exit point, but in between...inchworm. If you get the belt installed and rotate the engine, you might hear a little snap...
  16. Mobile Dan

    2001 Mitsubishi Galant 2.4 Liter

    No distributor on that engine. A crankshaft position sensor is located inside the timing belt cover and may have been damaged if the balance shaft belt was shredded.
  17. Mobile Dan

    2014 Chevy Cruze turbo belt driven bearing squeaking 100K miles

    You can also put your fingertip at one spot on top of the valve cover if you remove the "sight shield" that clips onto the valve cover and listen for the change in sound.
  18. Mobile Dan

    2014 Chevy Cruze turbo belt driven bearing squeaking 100K miles

    On that engine, PCV system failure creates extreme vacuum in the engine. The front crank seal will whistle/squeal and many have mistaken it for a belt/pulley noise. If you pull the dipstick with the engine running and you hear a brief whoosh of vacuum, you need a new valve cover and intake...
  19. Mobile Dan

    1986 Honda Accord - correct thermostat temperature?

    How does the heater work? If it works great, even when driving at highway speed in cold weather, the thermostat is probably not the problem. More likely, the problem is "bad guage or bad sending unit (sensor)". I think those older Hondas had 2 temp for fuel injection computer and...
  20. Mobile Dan

    No start after fill-up

    For some cars with this symptom, a failed purge valve is the cause. Can a bad purge valve cause no start? The Purge Valve allows fuel vapor from the fuel tank to be burned by the engine. It is normally closed and cycles when the car is first started. If the purge valve is stuck open it can...