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  1. dabunk


    Mac laptop with Catalina on either Firefox or Chrome no such problem
  2. dabunk

    2020 Honda Accord front wheel stud
  3. dabunk

    2018 Acura Oil Leak Dilemma

    Tech did not do that on his own. Dealer got caught with his pants around his ankles putting the boots to your car and blaming the tech. I call severe BS on this dealer
  4. dabunk

    08 Hihy 3.3l, misfires on cyl 2 & 4. Cold start mostly

    You need a special adapter to check fuel pressure properly, cannot go by volume need to check actual pressure while cranking/running
  5. dabunk

    Ac in 2010 Nissan altima

    Sounds almost like the high pressure on the compressor dumped everything due to overcharge. Need gauges to check properly
  6. dabunk

    2011 Hyundia Elentra brake light is out

    Check online Rockauto have had good success there
  7. dabunk

    2004 Chevrolet Colorado instrument cluster inip

    Welcome back Fred it has been a long time since we heard from you. BAT has changed drastically since youtube and online quickie fixes. We are down to bare bones staffing now
  8. dabunk

    09 Impala 3.5 Most strange thing , starting

    Fuel leaking back, low pressure? Did you put a gauge on it to check FP?
  9. dabunk

    1986 Honda Accord - correct thermostat temperature?

    Agreed I always used the 180 in the many Hondas I have owned of that vintage. I do drill a small 1/8 hole in them when I install in any vehicle to avoid being air bound upon startup.
  10. dabunk

    transmission problem

    We have the same truck here in Belize and had the exact same conditions. Drop the pan and look for lots of metal
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    I am going to call this one a shot in the dark

    I believe Jasper in the US might still sell these in short block
  12. dabunk

    Random no start

    Also solenoid on the starter itself
  13. dabunk

    2019 ford 6.2 fan clutch wiring destroyed

    Well depending of how badly it ripped up the harness there may be more damage than those 2 wires into the harness. But if you can identify all the others and only 2 left it gets easier
  14. dabunk

    I want to swap out with my 2.5 l MazdaB series motor with my 4.0 Ford V6

    I removed an auto trans from a 2.5 the torque convertor bolts were a real bear
  15. dabunk

    2019 ford 6.2 fan clutch wiring destroyed

    The only one I ever worked on was just a 2 wire
  16. dabunk

    Any Generac experts here?

    SAD so sad
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    1987 Toyota Camry -BRAKE (STOP) LIGHTS DO NOT LIGHT

    Look on ebay for one for sale. Good seller will have pics of all sides of the sensor. Have used that trick before
  18. dabunk

    Well Water

    Ha wells my whole fixed an repaired most myself. Old house like that could even have a shallow dug well. My house here in Belize has a 150 ft drilled well and I just put a solar system in for our house. Get recommendations on a quality well company and pay them to check it out. Way to many...
  19. dabunk

    Fixed! 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 2.0L 4cyl turbo Engine R and R

    Yup, old VW bugs in and out in 45 minutes start to finish!!