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    Well Water

    I recently found a house in very rural small town in my home state Missouri on a realtor website and had my brother check it out for me because he lives a lot closer to it and it would appear to be a solid brick house the price is cheap and it sits closer to the hwy than I would like there’s...
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    Degreaser for clothes

    The job I’ve been doing lately involves cleaning up transmissions and that involves grinding corrosion off with air metal brush tools / spraying things off with carb cleaner and then painting them. so when I’m doing things like pulling the torque converter out there’s a good chance I end up...
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    In-line crimp connectors in house wiring

    The exhaust fan in my mothers house has never worked and would just Squeal when you turned it on so I decided to take a look. I figured rust from the steamy hot water and I sprayed a little lubricant and no more squeal and bought a new plastic fan for it because the one it had had stripped out...
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    Lookin for good way to remove caulking

    Im removing old caulking to apply new caulking on my moms fiberglass tub/shower and talk about a tedious job. I have tried products such as goof off & goo gone. Goo gone has helped a little. Found out that a hair dryer was not the way to go when I seen it melt my plastic putty knife and I'm...
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    Looking for recommendations on wiper blade

    seems like I been spending a lot of time driving long distances in the rain and I was just looking for recommendations on a good quality wiper blade for my vehicle
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    Ventilation in gas stoves

    My moms gas stove has so much heat coming through the vents in top front of stove that it makes the door handle real hot to the touch. Vents line up with door handle so heat coming through makes hanle hot. I understand that the vents are there purposely by design as well as the ones under the...
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    A mystery in house wiring

    To start off with lights are now functioning as they should. However within the last 2 weeks i swaped 2 motion lights out with each other and that may be where the problem started. My moms front porch light would not work on the dusk to dawn setting so it would be on all the time so i decided...
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    An opinion on house electrical wiring

    When I do anything electrical wise in the house I like to do it up to code but I noticed on the back of a package of wire nuts the amount of insulation that they say your to remove 5/16 of an inch for 14 gauge or larger 3/8 of an inch for 16 gauge or smaller I have found that to be a very small...
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    ? About materials used in batteries

    Just bought a new battery for my ride and noticed when i got it home and removed the plastic caps that covered the posts i discovered the posts appear to be made of aluminum. In the past i would apply vasaline ( in place of dialectric grease) and that would prevent corrosion, but if the post...
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    Rating flashlights according to lumens.

    I have a fascination with flashlights that friends and family like to tease me about but they are just one of those things i just cant seem to have too many of. I know there are some smart folks on this site because i been a member on here long enough to know so i thought id run this ? About...
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    Would like to know the accurate way to test vehicle battery

    My vehicle sat for over 2 weeks without starting the engine I was in the hospital with covid-19 pneumonia so the vehicle wouldn't start after sitting that amount of time I jumpstart the battery and it started all right. I'm very happy to be out of the hospital and able to breathe and doing a...
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    ? About infra red heaters

    I was thinking about putting one of those infra red heaters in the shed. The interior space measures about 9ft 4in × 15ft 4in with a little over 7ft ceiling. I got an exhaust fan in the ceiling to vent air out through the Attic but I can remove that fill it in I've never used it anyway. I can...
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    Pic of the Biden/ Harris Administration

    So Biden's plan is to keep the economy shut down until he thinks that its safe to reopen. The Left is like one topping pizza. The only strategy they have for fighting this virus are mask. Biden wants to shut the ecomy down but grow the economy at the same time. I would love to see that magic...
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    Glad I'm not back in Marine Corps boot camp during this pandemic

    Since the U.S. Marine Corps has just celebrated another birthday it got me to thinking about they handle boot camp now. There was no social distancing back then for me they crammed us into cattle cars talk about tight quarters. I only weighed 119 lbs. Just made the weight requirement by just...
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    Headlight lens restorer

    I am on here looking for opinions on what products you all think work the best for cleaning restoring your headlight lens
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    ? About parking bulb cahangeout

    According to "" i should be able to just unscrew the two screws on the bulb housing and pull it forward a little to get enough access for my hands to remove bulb. However " kickslikeahammer L" posted a video that in addition to that he used needle nose pliers to get...
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    ignition key does not always want to turn

    sometimes the ignition key will turn sometimes it won't even when it does not turn if I take the key out and keep reinserting it it will eventually turn. I called a locksmith and they said that they could start by making a new key for $18 and I could see how it went from there the key does not...
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    Can a magnet affect my cell phone

    I have seen where a magnet had distorted the screen on a television before so it got me to wondering if a magnet such as what's on my money clip could affect the screen on my cell phone not much later after pondering this question I noticed that I now have a small defect distorted color and a...
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    Cig lighter to cig lighter battery chargers

    I have tried a couple different times with two separate battery chargers of the cigarette lighter to cigarette lighter type and have not been successful in jump starting a car either that or it takes some time to use these types of chargers and I was just looking for opinions of how well they work
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    Issue with driverside power window

    Drivers side power window wants to stoo on the way up and even come down some after upward motion stops.. theres no stopping when switch is pressed down. I have about a 15 sec video showing a gap between window and frame didnt know if i could post video here. Question was is it most likely that...