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    ? About infra red heaters

    I was thinking about putting one of those infra red heaters in the shed. The interior space measures about 9ft 4in × 15ft 4in with a little over 7ft ceiling. I got an exhaust fan in the ceiling to vent air out through the Attic but I can remove that fill it in I've never used it anyway. I can...
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    Pic of the Biden/ Harris Administration

    So Biden's plan is to keep the economy shut down until he thinks that its safe to reopen. The Left is like one topping pizza. The only strategy they have for fighting this virus are mask. Biden wants to shut the ecomy down but grow the economy at the same time. I would love to see that magic...
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    Glad I'm not back in Marine Corps boot camp during this pandemic

    Since the U.S. Marine Corps has just celebrated another birthday it got me to thinking about they handle boot camp now. There was no social distancing back then for me they crammed us into cattle cars talk about tight quarters. I only weighed 119 lbs. Just made the weight requirement by just...
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    Headlight lens restorer

    I am on here looking for opinions on what products you all think work the best for cleaning restoring your headlight lens
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    ? About parking bulb cahangeout

    According to "" i should be able to just unscrew the two screws on the bulb housing and pull it forward a little to get enough access for my hands to remove bulb. However " kickslikeahammer L" posted a video that in addition to that he used needle nose pliers to get...
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    ignition key does not always want to turn

    sometimes the ignition key will turn sometimes it won't even when it does not turn if I take the key out and keep reinserting it it will eventually turn. I called a locksmith and they said that they could start by making a new key for $18 and I could see how it went from there the key does not...
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    Can a magnet affect my cell phone

    I have seen where a magnet had distorted the screen on a television before so it got me to wondering if a magnet such as what's on my money clip could affect the screen on my cell phone not much later after pondering this question I noticed that I now have a small defect distorted color and a...
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    Cig lighter to cig lighter battery chargers

    I have tried a couple different times with two separate battery chargers of the cigarette lighter to cigarette lighter type and have not been successful in jump starting a car either that or it takes some time to use these types of chargers and I was just looking for opinions of how well they work
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    Issue with driverside power window

    Drivers side power window wants to stoo on the way up and even come down some after upward motion stops.. theres no stopping when switch is pressed down. I have about a 15 sec video showing a gap between window and frame didnt know if i could post video here. Question was is it most likely that...
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    Need a hood prop

    I puchased this used vehicle just recently and i went to prop the hood up and when i went to pull the prop up it was loose and came all the way out. Somehow the prop (rod) got misplaced so i cant take it with me to the salvage yard. I think i could recognize the right replacement. Question is...
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    Question on o2 sensors

    This is just a general question. I would just like to know how many 02 sensors i have and where they are located. I can see one for sure located about center front of engine topside.
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    Fuel tank leak

    Just bought a toyota rav 4 a few days ago and i smelled gas and when i peeked underneath i could see gas under the tank but i have not tried to remove tank for a look yet. Im taking back to the car lot in the morn to tell them about it. Its an old rav4 but there to do some kind of check on it...
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    Notorious issues with the Jeep Liberty

    Hey guys as some of you know my old car went bye bye and so im looking around. I wanted to get opinions on the jeep liberty. Seems like when im checkin them out on for sale sights a lot of them have issues. What problems are they known for and is that the case in all years. I posted here instead...
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    Hole in radiator

    Guys i know i posted on this already but i lack the proper terminology i think to describe parts affected. I know nickb2 would say that he couldnt visualize the rad being damaged without there being damage to the condenser and he may be right i have not taken anything apart. But i think its...
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    Hole in radiator

    Car went into a ditch and as a result there is a good size hole in the bottom passenger size corner of the rad. I have only seen one video on youtube on a 2004 malibu max that looks like the same setup as my 2005 and the video only talked about what they had to do without any footage of the...
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    Low oil level

    Would like to know if its ok to top off 5w20 with 5w30
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    Real spare tire

    I know this is probably a nobrainer question For you guys but i wanted to know since cars have not had a real spare tire for sometime but a donut mickeymouse spare instead will the space for the donut mickey mouse only hold that and not a actual real size authentic spare if a person had one...
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    Non running leaf blower

    My broher was going to throw out his leaf blower but i took it instead to see if i could figure it out. I can post ba k about brand and model if needeed. I put my spark detector on it and it does give a flicker of light with about the first four pulls but wont show any light with more pulls. If...
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    Spark plugs& wires

    I have looked at auto parts stores for some plugs n wires for my car online but they dont tell you whats the oem plugs n wires, they just list what will fit. Can someone tell me what the actual oem plugs and wires for my car would be?
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    Jeeps with shift on column

    Does anyone know if there were any jeeps such as wranglers or cjs or jeep cherokeesor loredos that were automatics that had the shift selector on the column? Als if there were any autimatic broncos or 4 wheel drive volvo wagons with shift selectors on the column