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    2002 Honda Odyssey vibrating at high speed

    2002 Honda Odyssey When I drive the car on the highway for about an hour it starts vibrating like going over a bunch of little potholes. If I let off the gas pedal just a bit it stops for a little while then starts back up? I drive, let off the gas, then drive, let off the gas, etc...
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    AC not very cold

    Blows but not very cold anymore. Check freon and is full. At night it feels really cold but during day is not.
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    AC not functioning correctly

    2008 Honda Pilot AC works at first then starts blowing softer and softer until not hardly blowing at all. If I turn it off and back on it blows harder then does the same thing. Periodically it stops all together, will kick back on if I drive over a bump.
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    Honda Pilot P2138 Code

    2008 Honda Pilot Car had the P2138 code, took the sensor off the throttle body and cleaned it. Car worked ok for a couple months. Now threw the code again. Reading around it could also be the Accelerator position sensor? How do I find out if its the throttle sensor or the accelerator...
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    03 Accord Starting issues

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE: Honda MODEL: Accord YEAR: 2003 MILES: 180,000 ENGINE: 2.4 DESCRIBE ISSUE.... Car would randomly not start, had the starter checked and it was bad. Changed starter. Car worked fine for a while then wouldn't start. Jump started car...
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    03 Accord new starting problem

    03 accord 4cyl automatic. Starter went out and changed the starter. Was working fine for a couple of months. Now I drive it and will start sometimes and not others? When it doesnt start it wont even crank. Has power to radio, lights, etc. just will not turn over. If I let it sit for about...
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    04 Accord wont start

    2004 Honda Accord LX 4cyl. Car will not start, had the battery and starter checked and both are good. Lights, radio and everything works but the car wont start. I changed the spark plugs and the fuel pump engages when you turn the car on. Here is a video of what the car is doing...