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    2007 Briggs 17 1/2 hp lawn tractor Runs then starts jerking then quits.

    Starts easily, runs smooth except sounds like engine is spitting(?) every 2 seconds. Cuts perfectly then starts hopping or jerking and will stop in 2 minutes. After sitting overnight same thing over again. New plug, cleaned air filter and replaced filter pre cleaner. No change. Any suggestions...
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    clear water leaking inside cab, drivers side, getting floor wet

    2000 chevy silverado 3/4 ton pickup. 180k. Clear water is coming from above gas pedal and brake pedal area. Does this truck have weep holes that may be clogged? If so where are they located? This happens with no AC or defroster running, just vent air . Any help appreciated. Thanks
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    Automatic seatbelt not working on Toyota.

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:Toyota MODEL:Camry YEAR:1989 MILES:128,000 ENGINE:4 cyl DESCRIBE ISSUE....automatic seat belt will not work. Lap belt ok. Stays in open position. Book shows manual method to close behind drivers seat but after several minutes of turning knob...
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    2004 expedition turn signal problem

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:Ford MODEL:Expedition YEAR:2004 MILES:146,000 ENGINE:5.4 DESCRIBE ISSUE....Turn signals work ok sometime then quit. Manually clicking the lever will light both front and back turn signal lamps and usually after a few seconds all is well...
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    Alternator charging At 14.5 volts. Bad for battery?

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:Chevy MODEL:2500 PU YEAR:2000 MILES:182,000 ENGINE:350 DESCRIBE ISSUE....Alternator charges at 14.5 volts on 5 yr.old battery. Checked battery, one cell showed very weak. replaced with new dur last gold 78 dlg. Still showing 14.5 volts when...
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    Oil leak B/S 17 1/2 hp Model 31g177 2007

    Oil leaking half dozen drops daily. Oil getting on top of muffler and smokes. My question ,is there a gasket under the OHV cover at front of engine , the cover is covered with oil. could this be my problem. Thanks for helping.
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    2004 expedition shallow storage unit

    Inside Passenger side rear window there is a shallow storage unit. Does it just pop out ? Thanks in advance.
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    2004 Expedition water dripping from muffler

    During warm up there is water dripping from tailpipe which is normal. On these cold mornings there is water dripping from the front of the muffler. My son thought there is a drain to handle moisture buildup in the muffler. No loud sounds coming from muffler. Any info appreciated. Thanks
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    alternator output

    Does an alt. maintain the same output of Approx 13-14 volts constantly or does it have a lesser out put on a fully charged battery? Mine shows 4 volts across a fully charged battery while vehicle is running.Thanks
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    2004 Expedition need to adjust parking brake

    The parking brake goes almost to the floor and has does very little holding. Any help appreciated. Thanks
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    "89 Camry hood stuck, can't open.

    Hood release sounded normal when i pulled it but hood didn't open. Worked fine Monday. Battery died or I would run it over to Toyota shop. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks
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    cannot remove key from ignition

    Older ford car is out of state, e-mail friend has problem with removing key, it turns engine off but will not come out. Told her i will ask on this site. Thanks for helping.
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    vent operates ok then switches to the defrost cycle by itself then back again

    2002 Ford expedition 56.4L engine. When running in the vent cycle for a minute or two it switches to the defrost cycle by its self. Moving the control to different positions makes no difference. Sometimes it will go back to vent by it's self but doesn't stay long before going back to defrost...
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    Stihl 041 Farm Boss saw. Tries to pull starter rope out of my hand.

    Saw would not attempt to start. A tablespoon of gas in the carb --same result A small amount of gas in the plug hole , I could pull the rope out about 6 inches and it would jerk it out of my hand really hard. Pulled plug and starter rope pulled free and easy . Pulled rope till gas was cleared...
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    2002 expedition dies after 5 minutes running

    Would not start. Jumped off, ran 3 minutes, lights on dash went out then engine died. Has 1/2 tank gas. Battery? Any thoughts appreciated. 120,000 miles. It was shaking just before it died. All of this is happening in our driveway, not in town thank goodness.
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    '89 Camry- intermittent no start

    Turn key to "on"- dash lights on. Turn key to "start"- nothing, no clicks. Turned headlights on, key to start, lights did not dim telling me no voltage to starter or solenoid. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks 240,000 miles on starter.
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    filler neck screen, '04 expedition

    Does an 04 expedition have a screen in the filler neck to gas tank. Thanks
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    location of cabin filter

    Need location of cabin filter for 2007 Honda. Thanks
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    Homelite Blower model UT 08544

    How do I remove the primer bulb? Thanks
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    Wierd noise next to rear passenger window, right side. 2004 expedition

    After leaving store started right up then started making a slapping noise every second or so. It did it while sitting still and for a few seconds as I drove away. Appeared to come from underneath the shallow storage area beside the window next to the 3rd row seat on the passenger side. It has...