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  1. Fred Malito

    2001 Hyundai Tiburon cruise inop

    Just picked up a 2001 Tiburon for my son, and the cruise control is inop. It was also very difficult to start, so I was certain replacing the pads on the clutch pedal and adjusting the clutch switches correctly was going to solve the problem, but that did not work. Or, I should say, noW the car...
  2. Fred Malito

    2014 Mazda 5 wiring colors

    May I get the wiring colors for the front turn signal power and grounds in a 2014 Mazda 5 so I don’t have to probe wires please? Note that I do not need the color for the running light. I need to install balance equalizer resistors for LED lighting. Thanks! Fred
  3. Fred Malito

    2012 Kia Forte camber bolts

    Good evening, folks! It has now been about 15 years since I've run an alignment rack, and I'm afraid I've got an embarrassing question. On my buddy's Forte, I need to stick in some camber bolts to make some minor corrections post-accident. I picked up some Moog K90474 eccentric bolts that are...
  4. Fred Malito

    RAV4 coolant drain and fill

    MAKE: Toyota MODEL: RAV4 YEAR: 2013 MILES: 40k ENGINE: 4cyl Hello again! Anything I need to know bout draining and filling the coolant in the RAV4 before I dive in? I know to use the correct Toyota SLLC, but I'm curious where they hid the bleeder valve, if this even has one. I sure don't see...
  5. Fred Malito

    Santa Fe hub bearing

    MAKE: Hyundai MODEL: Santa Fe YEAR: 2001 MILES: 200k+ ENGINE: 2.4l Got a friend with an AWD 4 wheel disc brake version of the above vehicle. A rear wheel bearing has failed. Everything I can find indicates it's a press in part only, no assembly available. Does anyone know of a source for an...
  6. Fred Malito

    A few question on Toyota automatic transmissions

    MAKE:Toyota MODEL: RAV4 XLE YEAR: 2013 MILES: 39,000 ENGINE: 2.4 DESCRIBE ISSUE.... Greetings, y'all! Against Toyota's recommendation, but within the most reasonable course of actions, I will be servicing the transmission on my wife's 2013 RAV4 as soon as all the parts arrive. Here's why...
  7. Fred Malito

    RAV4 electric seat conversion

    Toyota RAV4 2013 33,162 4cyl How ludicrous is it to install an electric seat I would like to convert my drivers front seat to the electric option. The idea is to find an electric seat from a salvage company, swap my existing seat covers onto it (as I am willing to bet they are the same...
  8. Fred Malito

    2008 Grand Prix 3.8l ignition interlock issues?

    Howdy, folks, long time no see! A friend of mine has the above mentioned vehicle. It is displaying the message "starting disabled due to electronic throttle control", or something very similar, when he engine dies, which happens quite regularly. When this occurs, the engine may restart or, more...
  9. Fred Malito

    Sonata rear view mirror

    Howdy, folks; Rear view mirrors are the bane of my existence, I swear. My wife's is buzzing on her 04 Sonata, so I need to remove it to investigate. How in the name of Jesus does this dumb thing come off the tab without breaking the windshield? Thanks! Fred
  10. Fred Malito

    1990 Mustang Wipers inop

    Greeeeeeetings, Ya'al! And howdy from Kuwait. I have with me today a 1990 Mustang 5. 0 LX Convertable auto that has inop intermittant wipers (all dead). Anyone have a copy of the diagnostic flow chart for this? Thanks! Fred