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    ac blows cold then hot

    next time it is not cooling when it is supposed to be....stop open hood, look at front of compressor- is front hub turning?... If not- bump front of compressor with a wooden hammer handle etc..if it engages then you've just diagnosed your wide air gap. we'll go from there.
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    TrailBlazer AC Clutch not engaging.

    Any service center would have replaced the compressor---they do not "fix" anything, only replace parts. You had a choice, $1100 for a new compressor, or $0 for a shim removal. Sure feels good to help someone in need....and to know exactly what went wrong. I lived and breathed this issue ever...
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    climate control recirc question

    Every home a/c I know of uses recirc mode- the air is drawn into the evap/furnace case from return ducts in each room-or through a vent/filter right on the evap box-- pretty simple-- only window units have the choice of "outside air mode" that I know of. Also, it is a known fact that NEVER...
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    climate control recirc question

    There are vents in the doors to relieve cabin pressure-if the cabin were airtight it would stop moving air in and try to blow up like a balloon-- a/c in outside air mode takes 90 degf air cools it one time down to say 60 degf air, then pushes it into the cabin where it is forced out through the...
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    AC Problems

    A good cap with a rubber washer in it will seal any leaky valve-- designed to do that--they all leak some worse than others- it is how I test my leak detector- to sniff a port with no cap on it--it fires away a signal-- put cap on wait a minute- no leak detected.... so just put a good cap on it...
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    AC Problems

    I have analyzed numerous C/K trucks with thrown belts-- the knocking has always been the tensioner rattle-- are you sure your pump is knocking? There is a big issue here- numerous TSBs and notes with new compressors to always replace the tensioner and belt...
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    A/C kicks off at 2000 rpm not reset

    No codes for a/c through PCM been there done that...
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    A/C kicks off at 2000 rpm not reset

    V-5s have a mechanical destroker for high rpm- used on certain applications, like high revving F-cars (Camaro/Firebird) etc- A mechanical destroker typically goes into effect at about 3700 compressor rpm-but I don't believe W-cars used them- but maybe on supercharged applicatoins-is your regal...
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    A/C kicks off at 2000 rpm not reset

    W-cars (as is your regal) wait on 175 psi head pressure to turn on fan(s) - so just turning on a/c is not enough to adequately check fan operation- if it is really hot 85+ degf then, fans should come on-- a/c need not be discharged to remove/replace high side pressure transducer- so if you...
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    squeaky serpentine belt

    I rotate the belt (put it on so it runs the other direction) to get rid of squeaks......
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    GM AC question

    Never seen a dual system have the OT in the condenser outlet-- it is always behind the tee to front evap. If there is one in condenser outlet, that is a mistake.
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    A/C compressor issue

    Try turning the clutch to see if compressor is seized or not...
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    removing anti theft from a 2004 pontiac grand am

    I use the same method that remote starters use, just activate it permanently, not just upon remote start command.
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    2002 Impala 3.4L 189.6k: Passenger Wiper Arm Doesn't Move

    I use a two-jawed gear/sprocket puller
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    2010 Impala a/c light flashes

    The temp actuators are known to fail on these. Do yours go to full hot and back to full cold when commanded? The last one I fixed actually would click continuously for about 30 seconds even with the car shut off for 5 minutes- it would just start clicking- very annoying- because of the...
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    heater controls

    If you have a programmer then it is an auto temp control system- not manual....So typically, the vacuum manifold at the programmer goes bad- turns to mush- and vacuum lines into and out of programmer plug up.. So what I do, is completely bypass that clear rubbery manifold- cut all lines to it...
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    heater controls

    If manual system and no mode control- (all air comes out defrost) then the vacuum under hood is highly suspect- check for vacuum at the vacuum resevoir- and trace back to intake manifold- look for cracks and breaks in vacuum hose.-- 90% of mode control issues are vacuum under hood failures.
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    heater controls

    Sounds like automatic temperature control system- it has a digital display right? - then if no control at all- the control head is highly suspect- get one from your neighborhood salvage yard.....
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    Ac problems

    Number one cause for lack of a/c on a 2002 w car is loss of refrigerant due to a leak- number one leak location is V-5 compressor belly (o-rings between cylinder and front head) and shaft seal. I reseal these by buying a gasket set off the Bay for $15- and get another 15 years out of the system.
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    GM V5 compressor clutch noise fix

    The rivots don't corrode, it is the surface behind the rivot heads that corrodes, because the clutch was e-coated as an assembly, and no coating got in behind the rivot heads on the armature plate- thus the rust build up decreases the air gap because the armature plate can't come back as far...