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    don't look right

    got this in a PM/email TRANS 2006 JEEP 545RFE. WHAT IS THE 'SHEET METAL' hanging there ? Part of removed valve body ? something We need to remove ie a shim? something from clutch, drum above?
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    looking for a follow up.

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE: GM/CHEVY MODEL: astro/ safari YEAR: MILES: many many ENGINE: 4.3 DESCRIBE ISSUE.... Long ago - Michigan I think - Someone used a o2 sensor eliminator to deal with a p0420 or p0430 on a beater vehicle - not worth a cat investment...
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    WTF anyone want to guess what that is

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:Chrysler MODEL: 46re YEAR: MILES: ENGINE: DESCRIBE ISSUE.... Any ideas what it is - snap ring or shim ? stuck by servo adjuster in photo, trans has solenoid codes
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    a little help

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:jeep MODEL: wrangler YEAR:06 MILES: x ENGINE: 2.4L DESCRIBE ISSUE.... would anyone want to look at this diagram - is it me or is it AFU- looks like guido wiring:confused: Engine cooling fan wiring... anyone have a 'better'...
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    ESC or ESC?

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:jeep MODEL:wrangler/unlimited YEAR:2014 MILES:10000 ENGINE:3.7 DESCRIBE ISSUE... ESC OR ESC Family members car - daughter. IS ESC electronic stability control OR elec speed control ? The ESC light is on - Are thave 2 systems...
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    trial run

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE: foreign MODEL: POS ENGINE : yes COLOR: red DESCRIBE ISSUE.... my car wont start - ok try that see where it goes
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    hard to find

    new topic was in a corner - had to look for it.. BIGGER As I said maybe a topic all to itself - with the prompts -year,make model etc The topic 'box' is not distinct - seams like typing on a big blank maybe darker shade around box?
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    wiring diagram?

    anyone have 2010 buick LUCERNE - 3.9L wiring diagrams - fuel pump relay W PCM pinout to FP relay... FP fuse box.. ISSUE: NO power to FP fuse- and no signal PCM to FP relay...circuit 465 does not energize relay. where is grd from relay.
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    old school vs new

    I am old school - trans service - drop pan, big mess, remove filter, new gasket refill with the CORRECT fluid. When I went to chevrolet to get the gasket & filter.... they had to look this up? I'm puzzled So I asked and the discussion went - GM recommends a flush no filter change and...
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    buick backfire

    One of the regulars posted about a BUICK backfire on start? OR did I imagine this as it was a while ago.. poster stated a muffled backfire on start? Had it to their dealer ? Not resolved ? Anyone know who ?
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    plastic headlights

    :BeatsMe today world is plastic lenses over headlamp bulbs- and it appears to me they yellow, cloud up etc- what is the care procedure- something like armorall?
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    Red or silver bottle?

    The chevy 2006 K1500 is due for a trans fluid and filter... thats straight forward, I want an additive to add. Is it lubeguard or B&G trans additive can't remember the one thats recommended- I can visualize the product cant remember the name. :help. BUT which one... the word...
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    4xte chrysler

    Inlaws vehicle- ok college bound nephew. I'm looking for a 'trouble tree' - yes CEL is on will add any codes later... BUT where to start, attach pressure gauge etc... - so far I have been told* - movement in manual 1 only? pulls strong no upshift, no movement in other selections...
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    DEXOS? nickD

    the new moneymaking sceme is you must use DEXOS approved oil.... its not different it just has the GM logo dexos, SO how is the trade handeling this BS I mean requirement....NickD you have dealt with this your take? The end of my 'free' jiffy lube's ?? * * I contract some fleets...
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    toyotas confusing P0125

    I am confused- toyota P0125* and why is O2 sensor involved? anyone have OEM trouble tree or can explain - *P0125= coolant temp
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    What to use

    Hey gang sorry for short no details question - weekend at relitaves.. in boondocks Story - they had breakin broken glass - door quater window- it was glued in place. We are replaceing W a junk yard find - what to use to hold in place- is this silicone? structual adhesive? any ideas....
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    confusing elec

    I am checking a starting circuit, below is the wiring dia I have - |!!| WTF - I read it as crank fuse would ALWAYS power solenoid... or does turning key energize crank fuse AND where neutral safty in circuit? :BeatsMe explain the crank circit and I may get it... how can simple dia be so...
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    100$ keys

    Having read NickD and his issue with keys... technology for technology sake ... Why improve QUALITY when you can Dilbert -just add features.. An espresso port why not. I have to add being old school had to actually prove I could operate a car.. Wish there were delete options for all...
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    where o where

    2003 merc sable 3.0L working A/C, looking for comp relay- need a diagram of underhood relay box to ID which relay is compressor....\ TIA
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    oil reset

    2004 mercury grand marquis A msg "oil change required" scrolls in instrument cluster- how do I reset and program milage interval ? It is prematurely displaying this msg - less than 3k miles tia