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    don't look right

    I can't see it.
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    Hard start on 2004 Buick Park Ave

    You should have a gauge with hose and schrader nozzle. Find the schrader valve on the fuel rail and hook it up.
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    What scope to buy for a busy Automotive shop?

    Busy shop should have the best but you don't want it.
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    2011 Hyundai Elantra Front Left Turn signal flashes fast

    Tranny shop to fix a headlight? Turn signal codes? Let's see the bill they gave you.
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    Rolling idle, cycles hi to low

    Clean the throttle body good. Take it off to do it. Make it look like new.
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    Abs speed sensors,2007,colorado,3.7l+l5,1433722,brake+&+wheel+hub,abs+wheel+speed+sensor,1912
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    Chevy Impala, check engine light on

    Bank one is lean. Exhaust leak prior to the cat?
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    Want to replace spark plugs

    Try the parts store or
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    P0135 Chevy 2004 Z71 5.3L

    We use an amp clamp and measure the current the heaters are drawing. If there's one that's real low or zero amps we disconnect and apply 12V directly to the heater and see if it's the same. If so, sensor is bad, have good current now, have to check the circuit.
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    P0135 Chevy 2004 Z71 5.3L

    It's a heater code for the front sensor on bank one.
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    Wont crank from ign switch

    Are you sure the VSS signal is bad? Does the scan tool show vehicle speed?
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    1996 Nissan 2.4 Pickup Fuel Pressure Test

    It does sounds like the pump is going belly up. I did not believe you were 119.
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    1996 Nissan 2.4 Pickup Fuel Pressure Test

    Your age is 119? You are welcome for the specs.
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    2012 Kia Optima BCM issues.

    Load test the circuits. If the power and ground are good and you can communicate with all other modules but not the BCM then it's toast. Make sure to load test the power and ground or you may get bit.
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    1996 Nissan 2.4 Pickup Fuel Pressure Test

    Wow....I just noticed. You are doing well for one of the oldest people alive. :-)
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    1996 Nissan 2.4 Pickup Fuel Pressure Test

    Should be 33 psi with the vacuum hooked up to the regulator and go to about 43 with it unhooked. Check that it don't have fuel in the hose. If so, the regulator needs to be replaced.
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    general question

    Change out the cabin filter. For giggles.
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    general question

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    general question

    Is the heater core leaking?
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    2012 Kia Optima BCM issues.

    How did you determine the BCM was the issue?