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  1. klutchdust

    2014 Hyundai Elantra GT 5 speed grinds going into reverse/first

    Employees car, she has issues getting it into reverse or first. Multiple trip to the dealer saying she does not know how to drive it, isn't depressing clutch all the way and on and on. Her dad drives it, same thing, her mom same thing. Are there any service bulletins, helpful hints...
  2. klutchdust

    Low oil pressure codes P0022- P0012-P0306-P0304

    Daughter was driving home from body shop after R&R front and rear bumpers after minor collision and loses oil pressure. She stops at a shop they read those codes, limps home. I drive to her house to check it out then I have it towed to my house. Where do I start. Draining oil right now, she...
  3. klutchdust

    ABS CODE C2200 with an interesting twist

    Changed my charging accessory port to an USB port as the original one failed. Pretty basic, two wires, in and out. I drive the jeep to the store and within 50 feet I get 4 warning lights all related to brakes and ABS system. Too much of a coincidence. Everything so far points to the control...
  4. klutchdust

    Turn on the ignition,all lights come on except the starter does not engage.

    2008 Jk. 130K miles. Occasionally when I turn on the ignition all the indicator lights will come on but the starter does not engage. Turning it on and off a few times and it starts. The battery is fine. I suspect the ignition switch is failing?
  5. klutchdust

    2008 Jeep Wrangler cylinder 5 misfire

    So my JK, original owner well maintained, has an engine misfire on #5, not around town (Southern Cal.) but after driving it down the freeway for 30 miles or so. It burps, hesitates, backfires occasionally , once through the intake during deceleration. 123K miles, have replaced the coil twice...