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    Question on o2 sensors

    Typically, there are two; upstream and downstream (catalytic converter in between both). Just going by your year and model, the dealership parts diagram shows two. However, the parts list shows a left and right upstream and a left and right downstream, which implies there are 4 sensors. To...
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    PO101 Mass air flow.

    PO101 - Have you tried cleaning your MAF sensor?
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    2003 Hyundai Elantra charging problems

    I thought I hit paydirt but the manual I have is for an '03 Accent. :confused: If anyone knows if both are wired the same....?
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    2001 NewBeetle AT will not engage

    It's not a total repair manual, but here's an ATSG Tech Manual that may be of some help. Hover your cursor over the page "image" and a download (for free) icon will...
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    95' Toyota Lexus 400. "Speed" indicator is intermittent. It's either actual speed or its at zero when driving.

    I don't know. Whenever I need to have gauge work performed, I remove the cluster/gauge and bring it to a speedometer/gauge repair shop. There are places that will repair clusters for a flat fee - send them the cluster, they repair and test it and ship it back. Sorry, I can't recommend one...
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    95' Toyota Lexus 400. "Speed" indicator is intermittent. It's either actual speed or its at zero when driving.

    The LS400 is known for sticking speedometer (and tach) needles. If the odometer is counting mi/km it's not the VSS - the problem is in the speedometer head. My '98 speedo needle will stick occasionally depending on the ambient temperature, usually when it's warm/hot. Whacking the top of the...
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    Cub Cadet LT1042

    You may want to search online for a repair manual. There are sites that have manuals available for free download.
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    Low oil level

    Same blender/brand of oil....probably OK. However, I would try to locate the same grade and brand that's already in the crankcase..
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    1999 Ford Explorer

    I'm an old skool BW and Muncie 4-speed guy but from your symptoms, it sounds like there's an issue with the counter shaft. The counter shaft is in constant mesh with the main shaft so yeah....this sound like a big deal. I'd go the wrecking/salvage yard route as well.
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    removing window tint

    Ammonia is the solvent of choice. The problem with removing window film is when you start tugging, either you peel up just the clear top layer, leaving the tint and adhesive layer on the window OR you get both the clear and tint layers off and leave the adhesive behind. You need to attack the...
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    Transmission won’t go into drive or reverse

    Typically, clutch pack apply air checks are done at the input shaft passages. This can only be done with the transmission out of the chassis and disassembled. My understanding is that a test plate that bolts on in place of the VB is required to test through the case. I've never done air...
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    Transmission won’t go into drive or reverse

    If you're looking for .pdf manuals, go here: Searching for 4L60E will take you here: You'll want to click on ATSG (Automatic Transmission Service Group) 2012 Scroll down the contents list and locate 4L60E and 4L60E Handbook and...
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    Transmission won’t go into drive or reverse

    It sounds like you have multiple issues going on. You didn't happen to have the boost valve out of the pump, did you? No reverse is a symptom of the valve sitting in the bottom of the pan. Sounds like there's a forward sprag issue too (no OD or D) Edit: Added check ball location attachment...
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    '02 Impala 3.4L, 209.4k : P0102 Won't Go Away!

    MAP...not a MAF.
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    Fuel fowling plugs..

    DTC P402 relates to excessive EGR flow, not the catalyst (for reference: The EGR valve may be stuck open. If the valve is stuck open, the engine won't idle because with the EGR valve open, there's essentially a HUGE vacuum leak. Fouled plugs? There's a few...