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    89 GMC 3500 TBI flooding

    remove the air cleaner - inspect the injector harness as it passes under the airfilter-prone to wires grounding out. Next with filter assembly removed - turn key to RUN engine off - are the injectors spraying?
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    2004 nissan xterra,3.3,runs fine until I get it on the freeway and it loses throttle response

    Was reading post to learn esp being a xterra - BUT did I miss something, did you check for codes - current and PENDING ?
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    2008 Chevy Malibu "incurable" brake vibration

    As always when the gang here searches the collective brain cells and no consensuses I look at TSB;s - getting real detailed (anal) did you check the rotor lateral runout - seeing the spec had me say wtf thats a tight tolerance .002.
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    2008 Sebring IMRC Valve installation problem

    My thinking you changing the motor because of a code? Could be e the valves are stuck - that would set a code but the motor is not the issue. p2004 or p2017? let me know.
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    Shifting delays by my 1996 3T40 125 transmission.

    @6000 RPM ? WTF are you thinking. Is there a chance the CEL or SES (Service Engine soon) light is on? A PLAN - I would suggest you start by getting the system checked for codes.
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    4l60e no lockup

    attachment - TSB mentioned above..... The hard shift issue is puzzling as there was no mention....BUT full pressure when codes set has me going oops. Gotta love TSB's - I often check them first , not this time
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    4l60e no lockup

    I always follow bp042665 as I want to learn to print money repairing CLEAN transmissions delivered to my garage. Yes a rich fantasy life. That said I looked at the tree for P1870 - lots of checks and questions Any other codes? If p1870 was set the test above would be compromised as the PCM...
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    No crank no start

    I get confused with long posts and multi problems just gettin old I guess. Did I see starting and a problem with reverse same vehicle (or my monday bourbon fog) ? That seams related if I am correct - not often.
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    Truck cranks but won't start and no bus on odometer

    reply #1 asked if airbag light was on ? along with that Horn, and cruise control OK? Start at the TPS - easy to get to what is voltage on terminals 1&2?
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    2008 Cadillac CTS AWD

    post the codes - a code does NOT say a component is bad, so blindly changing parts is not advised.
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    Truck cranks but won't start and no bus on odometer

    If you have a scanner lets see what is stored in PCM If not no buss often indicates a sensor is pulling down the system. unplugging sensors 1x 1 may have 'no buss' message go out and we can proceed. 1St is SRS airbag light on? Unplug TPS, Map, CKP, CMP one at a time and advise. Do not...
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    P2438 Secondary Air Injection System Air Flow/Pressure Sensor Circuit High Bank 2

    initial p2440, you replaced switching valve - I doubt your local toyota dealer gave the wrong valve, XXit happens confirm part # WITH YOUR DEALER. see attachment There were NO other codes but p2440 - did you follow the TSB see attachment - does it apply? Other codes?
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    Plastic valve covers on late model GMs

    I was following along and checked TSB's and info- Will add as it has torque and a comment on sealant - maybe some clue or help IDK - I looked.
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    Evap leak

    I can not get a mental picture of where the damaged area is - just me getting OLD. As always when I type a code the TSB's show up - and this might apply. I have a feeling it may. - IDK let us know.
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    Plastic valve covers on late model GMs

    Plastic - we all esp the old farts like me hate on principle. The other manufacturers have used them for years. Installation is not as forgiving as the just tighten it more metal we all know. - Clean, quality gasket and torque are critical. Now please remind me WHY yu changed cover -...