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What is this

  1. Looks like a drainage elbow for removing humidity from the headlamp assembly.

    In looking at the picture I uploaded here, you can see this lens assembly has 4 drains. Look familiar? Although this is for a BMW, I am pretty sure your 2005 elantra must have at least one. rear_of_e39_headlight.JPG
  2. Probably a headlamp vent tube, similar in function to those shown in photo below...
  3. I found a picture for a 2005 accent where you very well see that elbow in two places, I would assume your elantra is similar. 2005-2011-Hyundai-Accent-Passenger-Headlamp-Removed-640x480.jpg
  4. Haha, me thinks Dan and I posted at same time, but we are of same mind for this one. I would remove that headlamp assembly and put that back on with a bit of glue, will help the lens from fogging up in the future.
  5. Fixed. Thank you guys!!!