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Dec 1, 2006
Wondering if its ok to soak a lawnmowers carb in clp- i am cleaning my lawnmowers carb, spraying it out with carb cleaner and i wanted to know if it would be good or bad to soak it in clp. I have a good amount of the stuff and we used it a lot in cleaning our m16s when i was in the marines and did not know if it would be good in cleaning this carb


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Nov 22, 2008
St-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada
That's actually a good question. I know of guy's who clean their hunting rifles with brake cleaner or carb cleaner, so I would not see any problem doing the reverse.

But up here in canada, we don't have that many guns except for food purposes and the occasional gal or guy that goes off the handle and shoots his whole family instead of just offing himself or herself first.

But that is a rare occasion up here since we have gun laws. (and plz save me the the Charles Heston 2nd amendment crap.

That has no sway with normal Canadians.). But that is a whole other debate and I am not about to go liberal or rebel south or what not.

My guess would be that CLP would not harm the polymer protection that the manufacturer uses on the carbs internal and throttle plates etc, and will most likely leave a oil film that brake or carb cleaner may take off throughout the cleaning process.

If I had some CLP just lying around, I could certainly see good usage in TBI's, CARB's, fly by wire system, IAC's and such. I just find the gun cleaner a bit more expensive than regular carb cleaner at the local autozone etc. But hey, if you have some lying around and you don't have all that many M16's stored under your bed, it's a good thing.

The world could see a few less M16's lying around so close to the hands of our forever tweeting newer generation that really doesn't know the real meaning of what a carb is, or even if you asked them to, how to clean a proper rifle. Much less ask them to gut a fish, or even eat a raw liver from a moose in a Eskimo tribute to honor your kill.

Tweeting is easier.

Kuddo's to Trump BTW on that, cool way to dumb down america.

That was my political; $.02 and probably only worth half that. Cuz really, we all dig our own graves. It just depends on how much BS you can take.
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