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total brake failure

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    MAKE: plymouth
    MODEL: grand voyager
    YEAR: 2000
    MILES: 204,000
    ENGINE: 3.3
    DESCRIBE ISSUE.... i experienced total failur , when i started my short little trip down the street it seemed as though i would have brakes at one stop and then not at the next as though i was going back and forth between having brakes and not having brakes. Was getting close to the house and lost brakes completely ( push pedal to the floor and got nothing at all ) fortunately without incident i got it back in the driveway. Looked under the car and it did look wet behind drivers front wheel but did not see it actually leaking there. Nex day added fluid that had leaked out and pumoed brakes to look for leaks and found an obvious leak as seen in first pic through a rusted out line. The actual leak in rusty line is just out of sight in the pic but pic does show the leaking fluid. I had been getting some noise from that front drivers wheel lately didnt know if noise and brake failure was related. After filling brake resevoir pumping brakes and looking for leaks didnt notice a leak by the wheel. In my second pic there is a line that i assume is brake related but not positive and you can see that its wet around the rectangular shaped rubber seal on underneath fllor of van should i try to look beyond this rubber seal dont know what i will see. Had a leaking brake line awhile back that a mechanic fixed for me that ran above fuel tank. I would have thought i would have had some braking power to atleast one wheel. Could use your alls advice here. That no brakes deal woke me up for sure
  2. Cant upload pics all of a sudden because im getting error message saying uploaded file does not have an allowed extension
  3. No, nothing to see there. All brake line/hydraulic related systems are out side of vehicle. As for why you can't upload your picture, what is the format of your picture?

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  4. Could this be the rectangular shaped thing you are seeing going into the floor pan? If so, that is your ABS harness to floor pan. If it is wet there, there may be a brake line to ABS unit spraying fluid there.

    Hope this picture helps you out. Screenshot (109).png
  5. Here is another picture. Here you can see the brake lines going into the CAB/HCU. (controller anti-lock brake, hydraulic control unit) Screenshot (110).png
  6. Ok, i thought it might be as you said, could be that fluid under pressure that was spraying up under floor pan. In your second diagram you will see that between the circled numbers of one and two the rectangular peice on underneath side of floorpan and that was wet but since you stated that all my brake stuff would not be concealed up uner the car maybe the rusted out brake line leak was just spraying there.