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Timing belt

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    DESCRIBE ISSUE.....How important is it to replace the timing belt on this vehicle? The owners manual tell me to do this at 90,000 miles but I am not sure how important this is???
  2. A must do.
    Even though considered non interference NO professional would tempt fate*and suggest otherwise.

  3. I agree with Kev as everyone here would I am sure. That does not mean you can't do it now at 86k or that it will self destruct at 91K. But you should certainly do it soon after 90K and for sure before 100K.
  4. An engine designated non-interference may have notched pistons and other tweaks to make it such. After time, carbon deposits can make those indentations a little smaller and that can lead to interference. Another reason to change the belt.
  5. Also depending on the engine RPM when the belt lets go. I have seen non interference engines that belt went at highway speeds and still bent valves
  6. In-Destructible engine, your fine.
  7. Unless you hear this.