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Tell me it isn't so

  1. Well, now that I am hung over, and I have a few days off to ponder meaningless things, such as maybe moving to Montreal for my new job, is it true that there are more ppl in the state of California than the whole of Canada? That is mind boggling. How do you all fit in there?

    I was listening to a few of the comic videos I uploaded here for Canada day in the Jeep Cherokee thread, and I am still stuck on stupid as to how you go about your daily tasks with so many ppl around to deal with.

    I personally have lived in some of the most densely populated cities of Canada, such as Montreal and Toronto. I have also lived and worked in places were you won't see a person for days, or even if you wanted to, it would take miles and miles to get to anyone if the need be.

    Maybe that is why I have always found ppl from New York city to be a bit offensive and aggressive, they have no choice. But the ppl I have met from California did not seem to be as aggressive. Must be a cultural thing.

    Don't get me wrong, I loved visiting the state of new york. But I couldn't wait to get out of Manhattan. My cousin lives there and is raising two boys, and they love it. I especially loved Watkins Glen. Boston and Chicago also were quite the trips.

    I still wonder at the population density per capita and ask myself, is it worth it to live there when land and space is at such a premium.

    I have now acquired a POS car just for this endeavor of commuting to the big city of Montreal, more specifically Longueuil. This car was actually heaven sent. A nice and pretty young girl came to the shop with a no start and it ended up just being a stuck starter and I told her we could fix it for cheap. I think she was looking for an excuse to buy a new car.

    So, long story short, she sold it to me for 200$. A 2004 toyota echo with a brand new set of summer tires, a half used set of winters, a full tank of gas, and the oil change was done the week before I started my new job. The AC works incredibly btw but I probably won't use it on such a chinzy hp car. Also, the clutch was done by the shop where I now work last year. The singer sewing machine as I like to call these cars only has 190000km's on it, so basically not even half through the engine life expectancy of these little japan rice mobiles.

    So, I was trying to find a starter rebuild kit for this nippon denso. Can't seem to find one. I ask myself, if I can find a rebuilt starter for this car that drives on vapors, why can't I find a rebuild kit myself without having to go through the hassle of E-bay or amazone etc?

    So, the 150$ to the 10$ question is, is it worth it to even try to get a rebuild kit?

    The more I think of the car sitting there, the more I got pissed off. So I tore into it just to find the plunger contacts and the brushes were in very good condition, but the main ground strap that grounds the solenoid to the armature/motor was brittle and basically disintegrated in my hands.

    So, since I value the advice here, where can I find a good engine ground strap kit. My local parts store doesn't have one on hand. Can I maybe use something else, or it has to be a grounding strap?

    Any advice would be mice.
  2. I was thinking of something like this. See snapshot. But if anybody here knows a cool trick, I am all ears. I really don't want to invest on this cheap car. My goal is to drive the tires off it with the least amount of cash while I put money aside for my move to montreal where I can drive my harley pedalson in summer, spring and autumn and save money on parking space and them use the saved cash to put aside for my son when he graduates high school and if he wants to, go further in his education.

    Oh, I must also say, I have my eye on a few slick cars that I don't want for a daily driver in winter. But that will be for another thread.;):eek: 40140.jpg
  3. I'm not seeing any pictures.

    Edit: Interesting... the post (and picture) above didn't appear for me until after I first made this reply.
  4. Speaking of slick cars, I sadly had to forgo an acquisition that I was, like inches from buying. A 64 lincoln continental with suicide doors. But the body was to far gone and since I don't have a personal garage to really dive into it, I sadly had to let it go. The guy wanted 5grand for it, and I just couldn't justify the over all expense I saw having to go into it. But my imagination went wild with this classic suicide potential sleeper car. Ah well, you win some you lose some. But like I said, this will be for another thread. Most assuredly next year while I drive the clutch out of this echo.

    Here is a link to that car I almost bought and would have probably ruined me.

  5. Ok, Bill, I will snap a few pics of the said starter on my kitchen table, give me a few minutes.
  6. Yes, pictures of what you need to replace will help. I'm not clear on whether you need a flex strap or just a solid conductor.
  7. My cell sucks, but I think these pics will give an idea.

    DSCF1501.JPG DSCF1502.JPG DSCF1503.JPG
  8. I just don't want to spend a half days pay when I know I can ground that armature for cents on the dollar. It is your basic gear reduction thing. Nothing unusual here. But I have my spare tool chest here and was wonderin if anybody had a cool trick to ground that without having to wait for the parts guy to wake up.
  9. The flex strap just disintegrated in my hands, but I was thinking maybe a solid wire would do. But since I am not in the business of starter rebuilding unless I really need to, such as now, I am taking any advice.
  10. The strap was essentially just dust when I pulled it out of the car. So obviously that was the problem, but I still took the solenoid apart, which is not in the picture as I put it back together after some contact cleaning and such. So that is ok for sure. I also pointed to the armature brushes, but we can't see them clearly cuz my picture thingy doesn't focus well, but I assure you, there is a lot of brush life left.
  11. Knowing myself, I will probably just end up buy a reman unit, but I would like to rebuild this one as I know these nippons starters suck. So a spare one would be nice to have in my trunk in case I am stranded and don't want CAA to come get me when I got a tool box for this echo next to my works clothes.:p
  12. Unfortunately, those pictures aren't clear enough for me to tell what you need. I'm thinking just a strip of copper could be made; but how is that strap fastened at each end? If a screw/stud, then it's easy; but a crimp/weld is tougher to renew.

    For a whole starter, take a peek at <dbelectrical.com> I can get a new starter for my Saturns for <$40, delivered, and I get them here in USA in just a couple of days. Delivery to CA may be longer, of course...
  13. "New York city to be a bit offensive and aggressive, they have no choice" that and the lack of civility the lack of a good morning smile or nod, the seemingly indifference
    to each other the LOUD voices the short direct answers are coping devices, the lack of personal space the sheer mindless number of people, the constant 'scam' sales pitch and self serving lies have created that attitude. Trust no one, believe nothing.

    I am a New Yorker its second nature.
  14. I have spent most of my life in Kansa City Mo and its pretty good for travel because i can drive just about anywhere from anywhere in not much more than half hour. I would say that when i spent time in sandiego ca. The people seemed pretty cool for a big population and the weather is as good as your going to get in the U Sa lot of people that even got good money dont even own cars in these big cities like LA or Chicago because they are such a pain to park or get around