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    DESCRIBE ISSUE....Engine swap, donor engine will not rev past 1000 or so rpm, vac steady @ 8-10hg, long term fuel trims on bank 2 -18%, short term -18%.

    Idles fine, sounds bogged down when I try to rev, then stalls if I put in gear and try to move truck with any kind of load. I am thinking a clogged cat but vac readings to not react like a clogged cat. Have NOT done a back pressure test as I do not have a tester handy.

    Vac readings indicate an intake manifold leak or something to that effect. No vac lines cut, missing or deteriorated. Lifted upper and lower intake, all surfaces and rubber grommet gaskets pristine. Plenum and lower intake show no signs of cracks or other. Used propane, brake cleaner and carb cleaner to try to locate why I only have 8hg @ idle.

    Removed bank two exhaust manifold which houses the cat, no sign of monolith damage and light shines clear through.

    Only code present is a stored P2197. Definition= O2 sensor signal biased/stuck lean B2/S1.

    Tried a KAM reset, short term and long term fuel trims shoot back to neg 18-20%.

    I have been working on this truck for days now and am running around thinking I am missing something.

    All injectors work great, spark plugs new and coils work great. Zero misfires and no injector faults in pid data.

    I really need a fresh opinion.

    Thx in advance

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