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sonata intermittent squeak

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    ENGINE:2.5 v6
    DESCRIBE ISSUE....I have a very intermittent squeak which I think is coming from the rear wheels. The strange thing is that it doesn't happen just when you hit the brakes or just when you move the suspension. If I put the car in park and rock it forward and back you can hear it really well, but if you put it in neutral and roll it down the driveway, you don't hear it. Also, if you just bounce the rear suspension up and down, you don't hear it. It is a pretty shrill sound. You can occasionally hear it when driving slowly, but not always. I have taken both the rear disks off and adjusted the parking brakes all the way in to make sure they were not dragging, but it made no difference. The rear brake pads are fairly new so the scratcher is definitely not touching the rotor. I am open to ideas at this point. Thanks for the help.
  2. So, in your described test the wheels are somewhat stationary being in park and the body is moving as you rock it forward and back. Therefore you need to look places that move when wheels are stationary and body moves, like sway bar bushings, spring bushings, shock mounts, e-brake cable mounts, etc. I would lube everything in sight as a start.
  3. Saw this and thought - maybe.
    Let us know - But spraying the bushings spring seats shocks would be a start.
  4. I guess that is true, but it only seems to squeak when the wheels are moving forward and back as allowed by the transmission when in park. You can bounce the suspension all day long and it makes no noise. I will start lubing everything under there tomorrow and let you know. Thanks