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Saturn Vue '08 3.5 Oil Leak

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    DESCRIBE ISSUE.... I've been looking for this leak for quite some time. Finally found a steady drip. See attached pic, where drip is in the area circled. The white thing on the right is the K&N oil filter.
    Any specific ideas what it leaking? It look like I may have to unbolt the A/C compressor and/or remove the exhaust manifold to get to the leak. Any ideas-from-experience
    to let me know where to look first?
    Saturn Vue 08 3.5 Leak.jpg
  2. Annnnnnnd, I think I figured it out. Loosened the AC Compressor and removed the plate/housing that the oil filter screws onto. Looks like that gasket was bad. Bought a new one (luckily the local Advance Auto had the FelPro) and installed it. Hopefully that will fix my leak. I'll post a note later after I drive it a while.
  3. The culprit. This is the gasket that failed. Replaced it and the leak is gone!