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replacing outside water faucet on mobile home

  1. I need to replace an ouside faucet on my folks mobile home because it looks to have developed a crack durring a previous winter freeze. The cracks not visible in my pic because its on the opposite side and i had a hard time getting the camera angle with my tablet but you can see the bulge that the freeze caused. My question is since i dont have a crimping tool could i cut the old flexible tubing from the faucet and use some kind of quick connect that i can just push one end onto the flexible tubing ( water line ) and push the other end onto the end of the new faucet. I have used shark bite connectors before. The flexible grey tubing is a half inch- is there a faucet that would allow for this sort of connection? I tried to use a mirror to show the crack on opposite side but i dont think it showed well in pic but you still can see where the plastic fitting on flexible grey tubing connects to metal faucet 20170612_172402.jpg
  2. you should be able to go to local hardware store and pick up the plastic nut and (crush washers?) for the grey hose.

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  3. should look like these![​IMG]

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