Ranger 1996 (Mazda B2300) Emission Codes P0401 and P1443

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    I have a Ranger 4 cyl under the skin of a Mazda B2300, made in NJ so trouble codes should be the same.

    Two trouble codes P0401, EGR flow low
    P1443, Evap solenoid

    I have replaced the EGR control solenoid (sticky) but the P0401 returns
    I drew a vac on the EGR valve and it held, also no obstruction in the valve or metering pipe, and the valve cycled.
    I have replaced the Evap Solenoid (also sticky) but the P1443 returns
    I also replaced the vac hoses between the intake and the evap solenoid, evap sensor, and cannister. Also fixed leak at top of tank.

    How do I go about testing these systems to isolate the causes?

    I have a Scan II guage which says that it can read "PID's" What are those? The manual says that I need the "TXP, RXF, RXD, and MTH" to read these "PID's" Where do I find these things. From what I have, I need the info for the DPFD PID, EVAPPF PID, and RPM PID.

    Larry ouch
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    the 401 code is from the feed back pressure from theDPFE sensor it has 2 hoses coming from it i have found that most of the time a hose is bad it is located on the back side of the motor on the passanger side it should have 2 hoses and a elctrical connector

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