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Picoscope- 4000series. New tool I have to play with. Need help.

  1. https://store.intrepidcs.com/PicoSc...dvanced-Diagnosti-p/pico-4000-4ch-kit-adv.htm

    Has anybody here ever had the chance to play with this. I am on a learning curve with it. We won this scope for taking some diagnostics courses and it sure seems to be a nice little diagnostic tool, but the literature and the informative dvd that came with it is somewhat vague and I feel it can do alot more than what was shown to me. I will be the primary, if not, the only user of the scope. But if for some reason I am not there, I want the configuration to be user friendly for anybody to try to use it.

    Also, I found that it was hard configuring it to my laptop. I think maybe my graphic card is to slow.

    So that is also another question. What would be the best hardware configuration for a laptop for this tool?

    I did download picoscope 6 software, I kinda of like it, but I was wondering if there is any other software out there that will work with its interface.

    Also, another question, is linux better as an operating system for this type of tool. My boss has promised me a new laptop again. He took the one he bought me home for his personal use as I tild him the laptop he bought me wouldn't last a week in the shop. So he said he will buy one that will drive this tool to the best of it's abilities. I am just trying to work out the kinks.

    Should I push my boss to buy a tuffbook? Is it worth it? I believe so. We did win the tool, and it seems to be worth around 3 1/2g's, so investing into a tuffbook should be a no brainer, but if anybody here knows of a better solid laptop for the rough conditions I have to put a laptop through, I am definitely all ears.

    Here is a link to the picoscope software download, https://www.picotech.com/downloads

    I have a ton of questions as I am now officially 1 month into my new job. I have a lot of ground to cover with the new diagnostics tools at my disposal at the shop. I will create new threads for those questions as I go along.

    So, again, any advice on what I should have my boss invest in for the use of this new scope would be nice. I really don't have time to take on the phone on work hrs to talk to a tech help line. Hence the reason I am asking these questions. My free time is good for that and probably more constructive as I often find the tech support lines more of a nuisance than actual help.
  2. I forgot to mention, I tried configuring the scope to my personal laptop. An AMD A-10 series laptop. I think an Intel based laptop would be better. Am I right in this assumption?

    It worked fine, but it didn't seem to graph well. For some reason, I think it has to do with the graphics chip/card. AMD is more known for gaming and such.

    So I know it has a devilish good graphics cards, but it is a laptop. I think Intel has a better processor for this type of application as it divides the usage of the precessor better than the AMD CPU's.

    So maybe I was just getting false readings because the AMD A-10 cpu doesn't have true 8 core tech. The pico scope can log 4 channels simultaneously, maybe that is what was making my personal laptop lag on my test run of the configuration of the scope. I sure know my laptop has USB 3, That is a must. But what kind of toughbook can I get with all I need for this. I think it should be this


    But I am thinking an I7 cpu would be future proof for at least a few years to come compared to the I5. See link. This price difference is quite substantial.


    I am probably answering my own questions as I type, but AGAIN, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. For those interested, here is a PDF of the user guide for the said above mentioned scope. It is a long read, but it seems to be a hell of a cool tool to have. Compared to the fluke automotive scope I use, it is light years away. The fluke scope looks like a dinosaur compared to this. But if I can't pair it with a proper laptop and have some form of help beyond just a manual, I ight find myself having to go back to a school bench for awhile.


    I found a few videos on line from scanner danner. I will be watching those for a while. But these videos are obviously not interactive and I cannot aske questions, hence the idea of this thread.