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Lexus es 350 air bag light not turning off

  1. I just got my transmission replaced and the mal function air bag light turned on after the mechanic replaced it.
    I took it to a place to check the code and the code was p1797.

    Lexus dealers said it was the occupancy senor sheet under the passenger seat and wanted to charge $300o for replacing and calibration.

    What exactly is P1797 and does it have anything to do with Transmission rebuild?
    The light was not on before the transmission was replaced.
    Please let me know who need to fix it.
    I'm thinking transmission guys but they're not taking blame for it.

    Thank you.
  2. Ok this is a ES 350 lexas 2007?

    Any chance that is B 1797 ?
    SRS (air bag) codes* would unlikely start with prefix P,

    EL011-07 reference
  3. Would be nice to know if dealer did a zero point calibration before condemning the occupant classification sensor. A calibration should be done to both the central and occupant airbag ECU's/assemblies before replacing the sensor, then clear codes and then see if it comes back. If so, a bit more troubleshooting should be done prior to condemning that sensor still. Like monitoring the relative pressure, thermistor temp, present and past codes. Placing weights on seat while doing the zero calibration etc.

    Ask the dealer for proof that they did all that before investing in a seat occupant sensor. Also, I am not seeing how 3000$ is justifiable.

    Link to reference Kev2 gave. Here is that link.

  4. As for the beef with the tranny guy's, that is going to be hard to pin on them. Removing and replacing a trans is hardly going anywhere near close to the passenger seat ECU or sensor.

    I don't think a tranny rebuild has anything to do with this code at all.
  5. I have
    I have P1797 and I looked it up from www.troublecodes.net and found this:
    I don't see anything for Lexus but I was assuming its similar to ***"Park/Neutral Position Switch Signal Malfunction".
    It sounds like it may be related to transmission install and possible pinching of a wire or shortage somewhere.
    Trans mechanic will take it look at today to check on it. Hoping he'll fix it.

    Trouble Code
    Fault Location
    Park/Neutral Position Switch Signal Malfunction (FORD, MAZDA) ***
    CAN TCM/ECM Circuit Malfunction (JAGUAR)
    Clutch Pedal Position Switch Circuit Malfunction (KIA)
  6. The dealer gave me a quote for parts and labor.
    Below is an estimate, but I do have the paper work at home.
    They did a diagnostic test and found the code for it.
    They said its a lot of work and have to take out the seat and dashboard and deal with harness wiring. Not sure what all this means.
    Parts: $1780...
    Labor: 5-7 hours $970...
    Plus tax..
  7. OK - yes Toyota p1797 is a neutral safety switch, and surely related to your trans work.

    BUT - I did not see that code for your lexas, and your SRS comment pointed to B1797 so some confusion. Could there be several codes, SRS codes require a special scanner, not the autozone free type but the professional type.

    The number I referenced above is a TSB related to the B code same numbers different prefix - cause for pause.

    I would read and see if precheck conditions help you, before spending.
  8. Keep in mind that after Lexus gave us the quote my wife took it to another guy after who specializes on air bags and does and it from his car (mobile) and will come to you for it.
    the guy thought he can calibrated to turn off the airbag light and couldn't do it because of the P1797 code which interfered with it.
    He is the one that told us to look it up and take it back to the transmission guy.
    Hope all this makes sense. thanks for your reply.
  9. TMI attachment B1797
  10. This is great information but who can do the work?
    My Lexus ES350 has 130k miles on it so they will not honor the recall they mention in this PDF manual.
    Where do I buy the part? from Lexus dealer?
    Thanks for the info.
  11. WHAO that is a TSB not a recall. It is a known issue and its corrective action.
    The information seams to follow your description of lexas dealer suggestion.
    Working SRS is best left to professionals and that is a forum rule.
  12. Yup, no P1797 for powertrain on this Lexus. Nada, zilch, zero.

    Have that checked out again to be sure you got the proper prefix.

    You can have 5 different types of code with 4 different prefixes.

    As follows, each different prefix involves a different part of the car and or network.

    P= powertrain IE, engine, transmission, cruise control, etc

    C= chassis IE, ABS, traction control, steering systems, etc

    B= body IE, airbag, HVAC, entertainment systems, etc

    U= communication network IE, BUS line, module communication, etc

    Manufacturer Codes= codes that do not go under GLOBAL OBD2 standards and are specific to make of vehicle. Usually, a manufacturer code will have an OBD2 standard format followed by a 2 digit number IE-(CXXXX/XX) or DTC XX-YY

    This is for informational purposes only.

    But be sure to have the proper codes as you can see it can get confusing to help you or others. Your code does not exist for your car under the 'P' prefix and a google/troublecodes.net research you did gave no results either for your car.

    When you are sure you have the correct prefix of the code, post back we will help further. Also as stated, we give out info on Airbag systems, but go no further for safety concerns for the DIYer's who do not have proper training with airbag systems.

    Imagine probing a circuit of an airbag and you accidentally set it off and your inches away from it. I imagine a new nose job in the future or worse to say the least. It has happened before and will happen again.

    Although some of these videos may seem funny in the moment, not sure most of these ppl were laughing after, most probably had severe injuries. Probably a wicked hangover too!!