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Heard a rumor, right to repair act is under attack again. True or false?

  1. Anybody heard of this?

    Legislation was passed many years ago to make sure owners and independents could compete on a somewhat level playing field, but now I am hearing rumors that OEM's are coming back at this to take away those hard fought freedom of information acts/right to repair.

    If the legislation is under attack again, is it a viable and feasible attack? Can congress go back on their previous rulings just because the OEM's are spreading cash around? And what does this say for the independents that need this tech info and J2534 reprogramming capability to survive?
  2. National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) was formed to facilitate open communications between the aftermarket and the original equipment vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) to ensure the same service information, tools and training materials available to franchised dealers were available to the independent service technicians.

    If they can somehow take that away after we as a whole have worked so hard to prevent them from forming a oligarch type coalition, why now would USA and Canadian congress go back on that and basically devastate half the economy which derives on independents to provide service for the common folk that can't or don't want OEM service after warranty?
  3. I am a member of CASIS, some of you may be members of NASTF.

    What are your thoughts. Could this rumor become a reality, literally going back to the stone age, such a saying the blacks can no longer vote along side women in 2017 just because some cash exchanging hands will void properly past legislation??

    Archaic to say the least and very disconcerting for the future of independent shops, such as like back in the day of before OBD2.