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code P2631

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    MODEL:Grand Vitara
    ENGINE:2.7 v6
    DESCRIBE ISSUE.... I don't understand this code P2631 when I looked it up it says: "Heated O2 sensor{HO2s) 1, bank 2, pumping current trim- circuit high. Fault cause wiring short to positive, Ho25, ECM.
    Dose this mean the O2 sensor shorted out?
  2. No, it means there is something wrong with that circuit. I would try disconnecting the sensor, being sure to tie the harness back so it can't flop around and short to the engine or chassis some way. You will get more codes, but if the "short to positive" comes back, then that short is clearly is not in the sensor.
  3. For me finding info on suzuki is tough and a weekend near imposable - this is a B2S1 heater circuit issue,
    first confirm 12v KOEO then check AF sensor ....
    We often suggest only OEM for AF sensors - here I do not not know what to recommend if needing R&R