Bmw e46 320d


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Fist off, do you speak proper English. Maybe if you tell me your language of origin I will link you to a proper site.

Here in North America, a code ODB2 like that is generic. BMW will have manufacturer specific codes. Which indicates to me you are using a generic code reader.

So, if you just understood what I just wrote, a generic code like that means a generic output speed sensor or circuit malfunction.

How do you fix that, that my friend, depends on your willingness to learn English fast.

If you are willing to go the lengths, we will find a proper solution.

You could start by giving us the exact year this beemer was built. That would be a good start.


To check this type of code out, you will need a live data scanner that will show plausibility of input, output sensor and other various sensors for this variable adaptive transmission. Is this the roadster version. Start by giving us the full VIN #.

Ciao for, not hoping for any more feedback, but if so, you will be surprised to the extent I will go to help you. But I highly recommend you find a site that speaks your language.



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P0C00 - Drive Motor 'A' Current Low
Possible causes Faulty Hybrid Vehicle Motor Assembly Hybrid Vehicle Motor Assembly harness is open or shorted Hybrid Vehicle Motor Assembly circuit poor electrical connection

What does this mean?

Possible symptoms: Engine Light ON (or Service Engine Soon Warning Light) P0C00

Description: When three-phase alternating current flows through the three-phase windings of the stator coil, a rotating magnetic field is generated in MG2. The system controls the rotation of the magnetic field in accordance with the rotating position and speed of the rotor. As a result, the permanent magnets provided in the rotor are pulled in the direction of rotation, generating torque. The generated torque is almost proportional to the amount of current. The system controls MG2 speed by regulating the frequency of the alternating current. Furthermore, the system properly controls the rotating magnetic field and the angle of the rotor magnets in order to generate high torque in an efficient manner, even at high speeds.