Automatic seatbelt not working on Toyota.

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ENGINE:4 cyl
DESCRIBE ISSUE....automatic seat belt will not work. Lap belt ok. Stays in open position. Book shows manual method to close behind drivers seat but after several minutes of turning knob it moves very little. Release knob and it goes back to open position very fast. Stopped working couple months ago for good. Any help appreciated.Thanks


Wrench. I help when I can
Call your local dealer. Seat belts should have a goodwill guarantee for life. Check it out with them. Notice, I wrote "goodwill". Still worth a call.

This is what google did for me. So I copied and pasted it here. This is from this link.

Toyota also has a Corrosion Warranty (5 years and no mile limit) as well as a Roadside Assistance guarantee program (3 years/ 36,000 miles). The manufacturer also has a Seat Belt Lifetime Warranty, which covers repairs and replacements of the seat belts as long as you own the car.

However, what I don't know is, if you are not the original vehicle owner, does this still apply? Like I said, worth a call to your local dealer.


Wrench. I help when I can
I know when I was working for mopar dealer, I fixed many old caravans and such with defective seat-belts. Clients paid no labor and no parts. Some seat belt parts we did not keep in stock since the cars, trucks etc were so old. But when the parts did come in, the clients got free service regardless of year and mileage for any thing seat-belt related.

This is me hoping you get the same service from your local dealer for this 89 camry. Good to see these old toy's still running strong. Good products. Wish we had the same from our north american products. I am currently driving a toyota echo, 2003. Still on original ball joints, tie-rods, front an rear shock absorbers. All OEM. Only has 200 000km's on it, but I suspect I will get many more out of it before the rust eats it up. ;) This spring, I will spray some anti rust in some locations to slow down the cancer. Mono-coque is not yet attacked, some minor corrosion in the usual places such as lower doors, and wheel wells. That I can get done this spring. Nothing a bit of elbow grease, fiber glass and gravel guard won't take car of. My cars usually end up this way. All black gravel guard from the door sills down. Looks like shyte, but get good mileage for cheap fix.

This will be my fourth or fifth toyota, I think. I am now up to at least 26 or 27 personal cars owned. I think. I lost count a few yaers ago. Toyota, regardless of model and year are the ones that I NEVER worry about in regards to engine and transmission. My whole family, and I do say my WHOLE family now own toyota's on my bequest. That way, I know I never have to fix their shyte anymore. ;)

Good thing they listened, since I don't live near them anymore.

Ok, nuff for today, off to work where a BMW and a benz awaits my attention. Crazy how expensive cars like these have the silliest problems. They are great money makers for our shops. Toyota, not so much. We basically just see them for routine maintenance. Not EVER major.
If you can't get it fixed for free...pull a fuse or disconnect power at motor, then manually crank it to a good position.

If it is not mechanically broken, it may only have a switch problem. It may be possible to wire up something like a power window switch and operate it that way.