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A drivers license is not a right.

  1. Hello all.

    I had been struggling to say this to you all for many years as my ego got in the way. But a few years ago, my driving rights got revoked due to drinking and driving and other odd and end criminal behaviors.

    Before, I would drive a car with basically no rights at all. Meaning no insurance, no license fees paid etc. Basically, I just thought I could do what I wanted.

    That cost me numerous well paying jobs. And countless other goodies that most take accounted for.

    So, today, after paying thousands upon thousands of dollars and no right to drive whatsoever, I finally got over the hurdle of paying off all my debts, my driving fees and almost fell to my knees in thx to whatever non-existent god that may exist that I was able to pass a driving exam.

    So as of next week, no more bicycles, no more buses, no more asking for charitable rides. And what I learned most of all, driving is a privilege, not a right.
  2. So now that all is said and done, what I did not learn is how to stem my likes for fast cars. SO I have made my first down payment on a fast 5.0l stang. Which I will not drive till next two summers.

    Gives me mucho time to set it up.


    How many here think driving is a right?
  3. Driving is a privilege - drummed into us from driver ed days again and again.

    Good luck to ya I hope you got it under control.

    A 5L mustang be careful - too tempting for me,

    At my age I would think 4x4 and aplow - a few cash on the side jobs ca ching sitting staying warm back and forth driving... would stay out of trouble.

    I guess test driving was a real problem when at work.
  4. I guess test driving was a real problem when at work.

    @Kev, That is an understatement to say the least.
  5. 4.6l out the window, 5.0l to the quarter rear. Maybe another 5g, who knows, but my paychecks from up north will probably take care of the parts, the rest I will do myself.

  6. The only way to put your foot in it is on a track. Otherwise the 5/o may be taking your license away again