'97 F150 ABS light

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I just bought this truck today. The ABS light is on. Figured I could get some direction from you experts on what all I can troubleshoot myself and/or fix myself.


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Edit to this post, PLZ see post #9 of this thread before reading any further.

First off, hope you like the truck. Second, this is a fairly easy system to work on. Don't really need a scanner.

Follow this snapshot, post back which code you get, I will provide further info as long as you post back, which you always do. ;) Screenshot (150).png
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Haha, gotta love junk e-mail. That one slipped through and I am to lazy to take another snapshot. So for those interested, fidelity life is now offering up to 1 gazzilion $ coverage.


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Here is where the RABS data connector is. It is black as written and located right of glove box. May have to remove a kick panel, glove box etc to get to it, but should be fairly easy to get to. If you are prompted by the code you get to follow through with the differential data connector, I will provide location and flowchart for that when you get me the code/s. Screenshot (151).png


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If you get a code 16, system is ok. If you get a code 13, don't pass go, don't collect 200$ and go buy a anti-lock electronic control module. That means there is an internal short etc in the above said module.

Btw, when the light flashes, it is not like a check engine light. A double digit codes such as a 12 will not flash a long flash, then two short. It will flash 12times. A code 3 will flash 3 times. I think you get the drift. :cool:


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Completely forgot to ask, is your truck 4WABS? You can see that by looking at front brakes. If you see wheel speed sensors there, then this procedure will not work. You will need to retrieve codes with a ABS capable code reader or scanner.

So before going to look for that black RABS connector, just bend down under the truck. If you see wheel speed sensors at front, disregard all the info above.

Sorry, should have started with that question first. :eek: SHoot me now. o_O
I hope the local auto center knows all this. I don't have a code reader. I'll check the front tomorrow and see if there's any wheel speed sensors. I assume that would be in the form of a wire somewhere around the rear of the backing plate ?


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Yeah, I would also assume it is a 4WABS. You will need a ABS capable reader/scanner to pull those ABS codes.

Now this is me, just being me.

Do you really need ABS? Do you really want ABS?

My sewing machine, rice burner, toyota echo came with no abs. And if they made it with ABS, that would have been the first thing I would have disabled. I live in a region where we drive on ice almost damn near 7 months out of 12. From late oct to early april depending on the winters we get. That damn abs is always on, traction control always getting in the way. We, or should I say, I, drive in a controlled drift ALL the time. The only thing I make damn sure that works on all my front wheel drive cars, is my hand brake. Makes for easier cornering on ice and snow. It's just a fact of life for us, and ABS and traction control is just a nuisance to most of us quebekers. Don't really need a hand brake for rear wheel drive. 4WD I tend to stay away from. When you loose control of a 4WD, your pretty much f"kd.

Funny thought and fact I have noticed. Most idiots I see plowing past me in a major snowstorm, feeling a false sense of security cuz they have a big Arnold Schwarzenegger H1 type deal, I often see them a few miles down the road in the ditch or jacked up on a snow bank on the side of the highway. I laugh, honk and wave and only bother to slow down my life to help if they topped the expensive ABS, TCS, proximity sensor, self parking thing a ma jig they thought/bought thinking it was safer cuz it is supposed to drive itself, APPARENTLY NOT. If they haven't topped it, or it isn't on fire, why the heck should I stop, they probably have one of those fancy smart phones or direct satellite access to call for help. :p

So that is me, judging granola eating audi/porsche AWD lovers, rich lawyers and bankers in high rise tonka toys. Funny thing about those kind of ppl, never a scratch on their diamond crusted, gold plated cars/trucks, only the mags get scratched. Never a speck of mud. Client manifest always show high end tires, bent tie rods, bad camber, new mag wheels almost every other week and lots of tie wraps to hold together 1000$ under-carriage plastic parts cuz they are plowing into curbs and such and scratching them cuz they don't know how to activate the self parking system or mind that annoying sound that the proximity sensor give when you are to close to someone at 140km/hr because that ding on the phone is just to damn important to ignore, so f the others on the road, your personal life is more important than that of my family and my own life while you blaze past me in a haze of glory and hell cuz they didn't read the manual, or they weren't listening when the vendor sold them the 100000$ jalopy cuz they were day dreaming about how the new red colour was going to make his or her neighbor jealous and especially me (sarcasm) in my little blue sewing machine echo that makes 6l per 100km and my rice burner still drives fine at 120km per hour and I am very safe.

SO I often ask myself. When I see these idiots on the road. What did you buy the damn thing for. Attention? Or real fun?.

If the ABS activates on asphalt, that means you are not driving in a safe fashion is my guess. So who really needs that? Do you, Gully thumper? Why spend money on a system you don't really need? I think just a few years before 1997, those f150 had no ABS. Did ppl not know how to drive before that? I think not.

My great grand dad went to work and church every day in a 1930ish chevy. Same snow, same roads, in some cases, same highway speed limit's. His son, my grand dad, DUH?:confused: never even owned a car or even ever bothered to get a drivers permit. He alsmost never missed a day of work in his life. Ppl didn't die more then, than they do now.

We just have more ppl on the roads nowdays because of over population, kids with easy money straight from their parents pocket to theirs with supposedly self driving cars and texting or twittering or checking out the latest idiosyncratic shyte Trump has to say about his take on the world while trying to drive a very simple, yet now a very sophisticated, piece of machinery. A car is essentially the same since the Ford T model. Right pedal gas, middle pedal brake, left pedal clutch. The new cars nowdays have much more going on than the modern person can comprehend in one sitting. But still, it's not a flying car yet. Can't wait for that. What fun that will be.

I have still 46000hrs of work to go before I can even think of retirement. So I think I have still a lot of fun and judgement left in me. My math is simple. I am 42. Gov made 67 mandatory retirement for those who didn't make the cut for the rich freedom 55 group.

So that is 1800hrs avg per yr. 67-42=25. 25 times 1800=45000hrs. I threw in an extra 1000hrs for the overtime I might do here and then.

I started in this very tuff trade 27years ago. 1800hrs times 27= 48600hrs done. My soon to be retired mentor at work asks me why do I calculate my life that way. He finds it depressing. I am just a realist, an atheist, and love joking around, having fun, drinking good canadian beer, cuz you only have one life to live. ANd I sure for hell and going to spend all my hard earned cash on some flimsy piece of shyte car that I will always own to the bank anyway. I like my 200$ cars. If I break em, I just buy another one. Just like at the local dollar-rama. Junk in, junk out. Don't like the color of my car, look elsewhere. And plz stop trying to looking at my bank account, I probably have more saved up for my kids college fund than the smoe that just rolled into the shop with his new audi, cuz audi doesn't cover idots that don't know how to drive, and he is crying and wheeling and dealing cuz he or she, just spent his/her last dime on trying to look cool in a car he can't pay for, let alone assume the cost of the up keep.

For those who don't know the word idiosyncratic, A structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or group. 2. A physiological or temperamental peculiarity.
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For those in the know. I miss NickD. I miss that guy alot more than I would have thought. SO I kind of took up his tendency to rave and rant on the funny things in life. Picking up his flame, so to speak/write.



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For those who didn't like my math or rant and rave. It is still realistic that hard work pays more than hard debts. 40 times 52= 2080hrs a year. I took a few hours off that for vacation and a few sick days I am allowed to have. That should average out to 1800hrs a year.

I love the the motto "work hard, play hard"

This is why I love this RIP guy.

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