95 Ford Taurus will not shift into gear

My 1995 Ford Taurus will not shift out of park and I have no brake lights. Replaced the brake light

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MAKE: Ford
MODEL: Taurus
YEAR: 1995
MILES: 280,000
DESCRIBE ISSUE....no brake lights and will not shift out of park. Replaced brake light switch, changed the bulbs and checked the fuses. No help. Any suggestions?
Underdash fuses 1 and 5 feed the brake switch. With key on, 2 wires at switch connector should have power. I've seen broken wires, melted connectors, or maybe damaged harness due to add-on security system.
Is that the correct switch? Is it properly installed so that it is "floating" on the mounting bolt?
The "center brake light" is on a different circuit. Is that working?