2006 ford crown vic (poice intersepter)


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Hi all i got a police car that has a problem. The car came in with a complaint that it would shut down while driving. After test driving the vehicle, it wouldn't make it 100 yards, no matter the throttle position, it would shut down. Ran a computer scan and came up with codes: U0300- Internal control module software incompatibility and P2105- Throttle actuator control (TAC) system- Forced Engine Shutdown.

I began the diagnostics for this like i would anything else and It said to check for pushed out or damaged pins at pcm.... Checked pins and wires... all checked good. Next was to check for the latest updates for pcm. Checked and there was an update available. Reprogrammed Pcm to latest version, test drove and problem still exists. Last thing was to replace pcm. Ordered a good used pcm from a 2006 police car and used it. Test drove and problem was gone.... for about a day, next day, the problem came right back.

Anyone had any similar run ins with this sort of problem. the diagnostic chart doesn't go any further and no matter what i do, the symptom stays consistant.


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I would try unplugging and then re-connecting the PCM (either one) several more times. Wiring and connectors can intermittently check out OK, as well as failing intermittently. And, as we all know, looks of wiring/connectors can be deceiving.


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Just by luck, we had another police car show up, same year. So I swapped the computer and the Throttle actuator with known good units from other police vehicle. Unfortunately, Problem still exists. So today, I'm gonna focus on Pedal Position Sensor and Wiring from PPS to PCM, PCM to TAC.
this gets VERY VERY technical and model specific very quick.... I will look at resources today - it looks like I am busy- any other codes- something in freeze frame?
What I am thinking - need more coffee. I would go about this -
With scanner can you see APPS* 1 2 and 3 - a conflict between them forces a logic module (IPC?) to nake a decision and this decission is shut down

* also looks at TPS but having swapped in a known good, I am thinging NEXT and that is APPS's


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Update# 2 Swapped out known good PPS and cleared codes. Test drove and took a bit longer, but the problem reappeared. Same codes set. U0300 and P2105.

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He said..."So today, I'm gonna focus on Pedal Position Sensor and Wiring from PPS to PCM, PCM to TAC.". So, PPS must be Pedal Position Sensor.
two different languages - to many acronyms

PPS= passenger presence sensor in SRS ......... explains my confusion |!!|

APPS= term used for PEDAL POSITION I think 3 are used here,
ETC= electric throttle control

the ETC system has a logic unit (E Checker?) looks at APPS and TPS observes other sensors* and determines if input matches output ... and garbage in would force no confidence in ETC status causing it to "crash"... and that is MY guess as to what is happening, I think there is a diagnostic window just for ETC and that has its own DTC's ie p060B...

my bad but yes i ment apps
checked all the wireing all check ok talked to a ford tech he told me to replace the icm so im checking on that now