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2003 350z cranks but wont start

    I decided i was going to put push button ignition in my 350z but the kit had five wires and the car had 4. white/red white/blue black/red white/black. All the forums were saying it has a green/white but it wasnt there just a terminal for it. I was looking all over and unplugged some wires from the key barrel that hooked into a black box right on top of the key hole and when i pluged them back in it would crank but it wouldnt start.
  2. Is the security light on?
  3. You may have disrupted the NATS system by unplugging the antenna amp and the car is now in lock mode. The car basically thinks it was being stolen when you attempted to install the push button.

    So, again, plz tell us if the NATS/security light is on once the key in in the on position.
  4. Also confirm if the key fob is working also.
  5. Yeah it is and i dont have a key fob when i bought it it was just the key.
  6. Well, in that case, you are going to need to probably go to a shop with a capable scanner that can access security functions for your NATS system. If none available in your region, a dealer is the only one that will be able to help you. Or try a locksmith that has a scanner for that also. But they are not diagnostic specialists, they only have the option of making new keys or coding a new ignition.

    You need to get into the BCM which controls the NATS which in turn tells the ECM that it can now allow start of the engine.

    First off, you need to get access to get a diagnostic code (which it surely has since the security light is on as you replied back to that). This code could be anything from a bad circuit or a mismatched transponder key to NATS antenna amp or other "P" or "B" codes. B standing for "body" codes. "P" standing for "powertrain".
  7. My bet is that you have a p1614 code, but that needs to be confirmed before I can provide a diagnostic path to follow.
  8. Yeah i have p1610 (lock mode)and p1614 chain of immu-key
  9. In that case, check to see if the antenna amp is installed correctly, if it is, then something is wrong with the circuitry or the antenna itself. Good thing here is that if it is only the antenna amp that went south, replacing it does not require a costly initialization.

    To escape from lock mode, try this sequence out first before replacing anything. Screenshot (112).png
  10. If that does not work, follow the following flow chart to the letter with a good old analogue multimeter. See ace-0 pdf provided.
  11. antenna amp should be installed this way. Screenshot (113).png
  12. If for some reason you do not have a registered key, then maybe you stole this car. :eek:

    In which case, you will have to get it towed to the dealer or find a new key and find someone to register new ignition key ID's. Good luck.
  13. Oh, and my other suggestion, don't bother anymore installing a push button, the RFID chip inside the key is not strong enough to just have it on you like modern cars that have push button start.

    If you are hell bent on having this option, which in my opinion is way over rated, have it done by a reputable accessory shop. That way you will have some sort of warranty in case this sort of thing happens again.

    I myself prefer a good old turn key car. Way less hassle.
  14. Yeah i think ill just stick to turn key haha and do you know if ill have to go to a dealer to fix it
  15. Well, the way I see it, is, if you could pull those two codes, you have access to a sensible scanner/code reader.

    So try the "escape from lock mode" method first. If that does not work for you, follow the pdf I provided and do some pin testing to at least ascertain weather it is a circuit problem first. If all the wiring is ok, it can only be three things. 1st, a bad key, 2nd a bad antenna amp, 3rd, a bad BCM

    In case of 1st and 3rd, you will need to go to a dealer. In case of the second, just swapping the antenna amp requires no reprogramming.
  16. I have tried all of you sugestions and none work so how do i find out if its the antenna amp, bad key, or bcm? And is there a way that i can just get rid of the security all together?