2002 subaru forester headlight ground


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Ok, that was enlightening. ;)

@ newbie, maybe you should consult forum rules.

In any case, I think this may help.

Just click on the ace 0 pdf.



Wrench. I help when I can
Can you at least tell us why you are looking for that ground. If you know what a ground is, make your own. A ground is a ground after all.

Unless this is a willis type jeep from the 2nd world war working positive 6v chassis, most cars nowdays only one ground. Follow the ace o pdf, and make your own ground. On these subies, each headlamp should have a ground choke point behind bumper, each side has a ground choke point near/very close to bumper shock absorber. Can't miss them, they have 5-6 grounds on each side. All black if memory is right. Since I am to lazy to read my own PDF's, I will assume I am right. ;):bat: Of note, the whole system should ground out through the daytime running light module and/or resistor. :cool:


Wrench. I help when I can
In all wiring, you will see "refer to ground 02" That is the choke point.

So since I did take time to read now, yep, all black, ground point 02 is located exactly where I said it would be.

So unless this isn't what you were looking for, then plz in the future be more precise, so we can help you better in the future.


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Like my dear friend nickb2, I can't divine your problem since you didn't enter any details. That said, I had fits with a 2002 Forester last summer. This thread describes the problems I inherited, the tribulations I went through, and the FIX with good help I got here. http://batauto.com/threads/subaru-forester-dim-headlights.14409/ I can offer this:

1. They seem to eat headlight connectors
2. If you have to replace a connector, be sure to wire it right
3. The vehicle switches GROUND as well as HOT to get the Headlights, Fog Lights and Daytime Running Lights to do all their tricks. That means....
4. If you simply run a new Ground from a spot you guess needs it, I'm pretty sure that even if you fix one Mode or Feature, another won't work