2000 Toyota Avalon XLS (problems shifting)

Discussion in 'Transmission Forum' started by godfrey, Sep 6, 2016.

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    Hello everyone. I am trying to diagnose an issue that seems to have the Toyota dealer baffled (they suggested replacing the transmission for $2,200)... I've had it to two other transmission shops that have only drove it, one plugged his tablet into the ODBII interface but didn't find any anomalies. I've tried to describe this problem in as many ways as I could think of to a search engine but it's been no help.

    Start the vehicle and put it in drive and accelerate gently (no heavy pedal). The car shifts normally, don't shift rough, doesn't hesitate, slip, etc. Now accelerate heavily from either a stop (or at any speed for that matter, you could be going 70) and it will rev between 4000 to 5000 and never shift beyond that. Speed will be lost during this time. Back your foot off the gas a bit and it'll accelerate, but not fast. Dealer said it's slipping and said that rebuilding it is beyond economic repair. We have a family member who rebuilds transmissions, but without knowing what might be causing it, or at least a place to start, I don't want to start throwing parts at it.

    No codes have been thrown (recently), no unusual sounds have been heard. Transmission fluid is very clean, doesn't smell or look burned at all, engine oil is exactly the same condition. Throttle Position Sensor was replaced but did not alleviate symptoms. When the problem first occurred a while back, the Traction Control light, VCS and Check Engine light came on. Mechanic mentioned nothing unusual and cleared everything......[sigh] Has not prompted more codes since.

    I HAD a video on my phone at one point showing what it does -- however, the vehicle is currently 90 miles away on campus -- so I can't make another until he returns (if you guys want one). :/

    Does anything jump out here?

    Thanks in advance!


    : Toyota
    MODEL: Avalon XLS
    YEAR: 2000
    MILES: 123,000
    ENGINE: 3.0l v6
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    Nothing jumps out, but I think a good scanner that displays trans live-data would be cost-effective here. So many things can be checked and "crossed of the list" using live-data. Note that an ELM327-type PC/phone link may do the same thing, and inexpensively; look into that.
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    be sure to check ALL modules for codes - P, C, U, ABS etc...
    if applicable check Throttle valve. Cable TB to trans.
    slip can easily be checked looking at direct clutch speed signal and the vehicle speed sensor signal... should code also P17xx series

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