1999 Dodge Grand Caravan - Running HOT!!!

Discussion in 'Domestics' started by mortgageman, Jun 21, 2009.

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    My van overheated earlier this week, so I checked things out and discovered that the fuse for the radiator had blown. I replaced it, ran it this week and thought everything was fine. Yesterday when I was out with my family, it started to run hot again. We were running the A/C at the time. The temperature gauge went all the way to the top. The air came out cold, then it felt slightly cool, then it would feel cold again. Also, the light illuminating the mileage was flickering. I checked the fan fuse, but it is still intact.

    This morning, I went out and was trying to figure out what is wrong. I spun the fan blades by hand and the passenger side fan spun okay, but the driver side fan is catching and won't spin freely. I then fired up the car to attempt to try to get it to overheat. I kept watching and the passenger side fan turned on and spun, but the driver side fan won't move at all.

    Is this the problem? It looks like I will have to take half the parts off to get to the fan assembly to pull it out and change it, but I have to get this back in shape.

    Can anyone offer any suggestions as to what might be the problem? As luck would have it, the thing is going in for inspection next week and I need to get this fixed before the mechanic gets it.

    Thanks for your help
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    Either the fan module is burnt out (common after about 130K miles) or the relay has toasted (common any time after the van rolled off the assembly line). The relay will throw a "code" showing short or open relay.

    SINCE the fan is showing balky by hand, you need a module. The balk you feel is what is left of the brush assembly rubbing on the commutator. Takes about an hour to pull and replace. Yank the crossmember off and make room. Watch length of bolts on the module to radiator. Fans aftermarket are coming in at about $165 with good warrantee and they work acceptable compared to dealer. You may find the bad fan motor destroyed the relay also. Be aware!

    Do not try and replace motor only. They are riveted in and almost impossible to remove.


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