13 Sonic head bolts torque specs?

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1.4 turbo:
I would like to know the torque specs for the head bolts after replacing the gasket.
I've searched online but only found specs for the 1.8
Engine Torques - Cylinder Head RSCarGAS1.4LEcotecLUV. (Does not mention Turbo...but this is the best I could find for 2013 Sonic 1.4L)
Engine Torques - Cylinder Head 1.4L
Cylinder Head Steps
Do not reuse old bolts. Step 1: 26.0 ft. lbs. Step 2: 180° ft lbs
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Good catch. Yep, that looks like a typo at the source. Same typo occurs with the data for the 1.8L.
Engine Torques - Cylinder Head 1.8L
Cylinder Head Steps
Do not reuse old bolts. Use new bolts coated with clean engine oil. Tighten all bolts to finger tight then continue on with the following procedure. Step 1: 18.0 ft. lbs. Step 2: 90° Step 3: 90° Step 4: 90° Step 5: 45° ft lbs


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If this is a first time DIY job, this article might help http://www.felpro.com/technical/tecblogs/proper-installation-use-t-t-y-bolts.html
Mistake I made was on removing a head. Thought it was Allen Heads (internal hex) when it was actually Torx (internal star). Luckily I was able to get all the bolts out, but he slipping Allen bit damaged a couple bolts. By the time I learned they were TTY and got a new set of bolts, I also learned they were Torx and got the appropriate bit.
Since your final tightening won't be torque, where you look at a torque wrench scale, or listen for a Click, you need a way to keep track of your turning of the bolt head. There's such a gauge

There are YouTubes on how to use that, and I saw one on how to tighten TTY without a gauge.
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