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03 Impala 3.8L hole in upper intake

  1. So the other day had an 03 Impala come in w/customer complaining about rough start and lack of power when it did finally start. Upon inspection found hole in upper intake behind t-body where electrical harness runs. Was wondering if anybody has seen this b4? has me baffled on as to how it could have gotten there.

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  5. So culprit found: catylitic convertor was plugged causing excessive heat on upper plenum thru egr tube, burning a hole completely through plenum. Unfortunately the car has California emissions so convertor cost an arm & a leg (thats even a universal weld in). But got it all taken care of: new plenum and new convertor and she's purring like a kitten again.
  6. I hope you did some digging into the root cause of that converter failure. If not, you may see this one again.
  7. Yes EricC, found 4 ripped injector o-rings in process, customer changed maf trying to kill po171 & po174 codes previous to this situation also