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  1. JackC

    2011 camry stalls at stoplight

    I am 85 yrs old and therefore not up to date on the electronic acc pedal sensor. But if that was the problem before and the syptoms are the same, I would be suspect of it again. But I would think if it was that the CEL would be on??? Was it on a year ago?
  2. JackC

    2011 camry stalls at stoplight

    I can not come up with any reason that replacing the accel pedal would solve that problem a year ago. On the other hand, maybe if it is an electonic drive buy wire throttle system instead of direct old fashioned linkage type, I could be wrong? Sounds like a coincidence or you are giving us...
  3. JackC

    No crank no start

    I assume you mean the fuel pump???
  4. JackC

    No crank no start

    As billr states "Now we need the schematic for the ignition switch on down to the starter..." Your problem could be the ign switch, clutch switch, brake switch, neutral safety switch, starter relay (you stated you switched it tho) and something that is probably not allowing ign voltage, fuel...
  5. JackC

    No crank no start

    Now we know the starter is fine, and it can be eliminated as a problem.
  6. JackC

    No crank no start

    Same idea as billr suggests, just a different twist. Run a temporary wire from that small starter wire (probably PPL color) up close to the battery + positive terminal. Now touch it to the bat +. If the starter works you have a problem getting voltage to the starter solenoid. If nothing...
  7. JackC

    Dtc p0257

    Do you have a question?
  8. JackC

    Dtc p0257

    It can take several days for the ECU to go through the "drive cycle" before it will set the code. In other words, the computer will not tell you the codes until AFTER you go through the drive cycle. So, I am suggesting that the problem is there all the time and it is just not being reported...
  9. JackC

    Transmission Won't Shift into 5th or 6th Gear

    If you did not disconnect the battery after the 1st trans failed you may need to erase old stored codes either with your OBDII sensor and Bluetooth connection or by disconnecting the battery for a minute and reconnecting it. Then see if the same code reappears.
  10. JackC

    looking for cloth interior cleaning product

    IMHO, almost any detergent will work as good as any other. I use what ever I have around. I feel the key is HOW you scrub and wipe and dry. Just do not use too much liquid. I like to vac as much as possible first. Then rub lightly with a medium strong bristle brush or just a damp towel if...
  11. JackC

    CD4E air check

    Hang in there. We only have a couple really good trans guys here. They are busy and sometimes it takes a few days for them to read a post.
  12. JackC

    Sugar poured in to fuel tank

    I agree. DON'T START IT FOR EVEN A SECOND. Push it to your workplace. Remove tank and clean.
  13. JackC

    Timing Chain Cover Leaking Coolant

    I agree. Or something else. I sure would not be interested in 10 hours of work to replace a gasket that sounds like a gasket that does not even have water behind it. Suggest more diagnosing, checking, looking and studying . Place some white paper towels around to see where the leak REALLY is.
  14. JackC

    Water pump leak

    Worth a try. Easy to do and Can't hurt.
  15. JackC

    2011 Accord Remote Lock Problem

    Or sticking , bent rods, or lack of lub. Take door panel off and investigate.
  16. JackC

    Bogus codes from weak battery??

    Several days and more miles later and my ELM 327 states the readiness monitors are all complete. No codes and never any drive-ability problems. So for a final conclusion-- A weak battery (even thought it started the car just fine) can cause bogus CEL codes. :fixed::cool: All done by...
  17. JackC

    Garage door opener

    I have to agree with nickb2. Bill- you tackle things nobody else would even consider. More power to you. Guys on this site probably do not know that you even MADE a piston ring for a motorcycle out of a piece of pipe with heat treating etc. , then gave it to my Grandson and it is still...
  18. JackC

    Bogus codes from weak battery??

    NickD and all: It has now been 30 miles and several days and no codes. I have not had time to check with my Elm to determine if all systems checks have been made. 911 and ER visit with wife that was having trouble breathing has keep me busy. But I think all is well. Unless I come back...
  19. JackC

    1995 Dodge ram 1500 4wd 5.2 auto 214,000 miles

    The 12 code is meaningless. All is well - Just indicates you are connected or some such thing. I would not ignore the 32 EGR code. A no cost diagnosis would be to remove the EGR and temporarily insert a solid plate (made out of the sides of an aluminum can) where the gasket is. This will...