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    Intalled New Battery

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:Buick MODEL:Lucerne YEAR:2006 MILES:56,000 ENGINE:V6 DESCRIBE ISSUE....Took Battery out over night take to dealer .Installed NEW BATTERY Engine starts but cranking takes longer now. Old battery was shot had to jump to start it. when jumping...
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    1990 GMC fuel pump problems

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:GMC MODEL:Suburban YEAR:1990 MILES:100,000 + ENGINE:5.7 DESCRIBE ISSUE....Fuel Pump Installed 3 Pump in three years. Vehicle sits for long periods without being started. Checked voltage at wire harness connector near fuel tank only...
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    1966 Mustang parking brake

    I am trying to adjust the parking brake on a 1966 Ford Mustang. I have tried to tighten the equalizer rod as much as I can but the Pull handle cannot travel very much maybe about 2 inches and has no holding power. I loosened equalizer rod were the Pull Handle travels about 6 to 7 inches has...
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    Overheating Ford Mustang 289

    I have a problem with a Ford 289 engine overheating. The temp gauge on the dash was pegging out at the H mark so I installed a new Temp gauge calibrated to 250 degrees and within 4 miles of driving on a 95 to 100 degree day it reaches 230 degrees. The engine was in the auto when purchased and...
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    DURAMAX 6.6L Fuel Problems

    Can someone tell me if GM's Dura Max diesel engine 6.6l are known to have issues with there injectors and or fuel injector pumps. We have two GMCs with 6.6L DuraMax diesel engines and both had to have injector problems. One is going on its third set of injectors and and just recently with under...
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    Brake Warning Light

    I am hoping someone may be able to tell me how I can get the brake warning light to stop flashing on my 1989 chevy 2500 pickup. It flashes three short flashes and one long flash. It been flashing for more than a couple of years. I slowly have been working on the brake system since by working on...
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    1997 chevy 5.7 l engine

    Can anyone tell me the correct way to time a 1997 chevy engine 5.7 L. Thanks DavStur
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    2003 gmc 5500 bleeding abs

    I have to change a brake line on a gmc 5500 with abs brake system. At one time someone said you need to bleed abs brake different than conventional brake and the I heard you bleed them the same way. Can anyone verify the need to bleed them another way other than the conventional way by pumping...
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    Vacuum Schematic

    Where can I locate vacuum schematic for a Ford E250 300CI 4.9L? THANKS! DavStur
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    Wire connector to throttle body injector

    Where can I find the nylon connector for the injectors on the throttle body for 1989 chevy 5.7L ? I inadvertantly leaned on it an broke the little clip that holds it in place for good connection. Does it come as replacement part for both injectors...
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    Can anyone advise me how I can check for pre-ignition on a 1995 ford 4.9 liter engine? I know on this model timing is controled by a computer after initial timing is set. But is there a way I can check for pre-ignition periodically to be sure no damage to engine is occurring...
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    Air Bag Light 2000 Pontiac Bonneville

    My brother has a 2000 Pontiac Bonneville in which he had trouble with the right rear window regulator. We removed the unit and locked it in place for time being and did not reconnect the wiring harness to motor. I drove the car for a week and notice the air bag light would come on and ring...
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    1993 Ford Econoline Van 4.9 liter

    I have this problem with a f350 ford econoline van. it seem the #3 and #4 cylinders have a miss in them. when I pulled the spark plug wires of the plugs the is no change. Have change spark plugs and wires and still no change. Can someone give me a clue what I might look for. Engine is a...
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    What type of transmission lubricant needed?

    Can any one tell me what type of transmission oil, grease, or fluid is used in a 4speed trans for a 1989 Chevy C2500 (heavy 8600gvw) it look very light like a 10w to 30w oil is in it now. the trans has 162000k does it need to be changed and if with what type of lubricant. This is a Manual trans...
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    Yazoo Lawn Mower YR60

    I was wondering if I could get some info from someone out there about a Yazoo YR60 Lawn Mower. I am having problem with the trans. It seem to be slipping and does not stay in forward. I downloaded a manual but it give me limited info. I know it has forward as well reverse clutches. Reverse works...
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    We have two 2003 GMC DURO MAX diesel trucks one 4500 we purchased 3 years ago new and one 5500 we purchased this year used. The 4500 has 116k and 5500 has about 60k. However the 4500 is starting to smoke excessively and at 116k we are concerned. It does not seem to be using oil about a quart...
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    Loss of Power 1995 Ford Econoline 4.9L

    Last year I replaced original engine with re manufactured engine and at the same time had the c5 or c6 Transmission overhauled. Since it has about 45k miles and noticeable power loss. I changed fuel filter will little effect then a week later changed spark plugs. the old plug had considerable...
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    timing procedure for 1989 c2500 chevy 350 engine

    I have installed a remaufactored 350 engine in my pickup. I not sure how I timed it last time I installed the new distrbutor which was about 5k to 10k miles ago. can someone refresh me on this I believe I had just unpluged conector plug on the firewall of truck and set distributor to 0 or TDC I...