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    Mower starts, but won't stay running

    Not sure on this model but some had a screen inside tank on the fuel line
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    Excessive oil use GM 2.4 Eco-Tec

    Or the Neon headgasket fiasco. Make the techs just jack the head up a half inch and slide a new headgasket in and retorque and hope it makes it out of warranty! Amazing what dealers will do!
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    1988 old school Ranger 2.9 stalling

    My bet is on the ICM on the side of the dist if you cannot do any testing. Takes a few minutes to change and is pretty cheap
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    1988 old school Ranger 2.9 stalling

    JD sadly the company sold out to Snap On then after a few years dropped them. I still have mine and it has solved some cars other shops gave up on. They come up on ebay occasionally I bought one for a friend there!
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    What is that squealing sound? Squealing from Belts

    Tensioner spring failing
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    Rear disc brake problems 2010 Camry

    But yes you got an inexperienced tech who screwed the pooch and the manager is trying to cover his arse.
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    Rear disc brake problems 2010 Camry

    They do not sell pre bent lines from a dealer. Dealer sells straight lines or rolls to make replacements.
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    Difference between Coats 40-40 tire machine models???

    I used a 40 40 for years was given to me non working fixed it and used it for 10 years. Even for steel wheels like Hondas and the like the center holes on the rims are so small you cannot tighten the v block to hold them. If you are doing older pre 80's US cars for fun they are great. Biggest...
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    WHAT WENT WRONG?? -- wheel bearings

    Jack up front end and spin wheels independantly. When tightening axle nut no pressure on bearing itself only the solid inner races. No alignment needed all parts replaced are non adjustable. Put old rims/tires back on after you jack and spin wheels if no noise heard
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    Ford diesel Rough idle

    On the 7.3 yes you can removed the glow plugs to do compression test. On others with no glow plugs you have to removed injectors and get a special adapter. On this 7.3 I would suggest replacing injectors if they have not been done. On this system oil pressure from the high pressure oil pump...
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    Chain saw won't start hot

    Starting requires a hotter spark than running I have found
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    84 Monte Carlo stalled and would not restart.

    EGR stuck in the open position possibly
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    Bonded leather

    Problem is like an aluminum head on a cast iron block Leather swell and contracts especially in the head area the cloth does not. Hence they separate
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    Bonded leather

    Bonded leather means they slice the leather super thin and then bond it to fabric backing. We bought several couches and they do not hold up for carp peeling and cracking after use. Only buy real leather since and have not bought another.
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    wire colors

    Used to work on US school busses and the colors would change 3 or 4 or 5 times in one circuit. Makes you crazier than you were before!