Mar 12, 2007
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    1. JackC
      Bill: I just happened upon this site and thought it "might" be advantageous for one of your cars (Saturn?) that you wanted a scanner for.
    2. trandangkhoa
      Hi Billr. My name is Khoa. I'm from VietNam. I need your help. I am have a 2005 TOYOTA AYGO with the 1.0 I.3 engine. I had the error code P0011 come up. My engine light is on however I can still drive the vehicle but my gas mileage has dropped 40%. Let me know what you think I would really appreciate it. Thanks you very much. Email:
    3. cw41
      Morning billr, is there anyway I can fax/mail a pic to you? I would like your opinion on the front input shaft/seal, it appears to my bro that the shaft is maybe broke and sticking forward about an inch too much. Also he noticed that the pump bushing is also pushing out slightly. If there is someway I can get the pic to you, I'll send it by post office if you have the time to offer your opinion.
    4. cw41
      Hey billr, check out in Sanger TX.
    5. nickb2
      Hi Bill, this is just a test for hero member CW41. He says he cannot PM you. So I just wanted to see if the problem was on your end or the site.

      Have a nice day and say hi to your significant other.


    6. nickb2
      On a sad note, my uncle is on his last legs. Life.

      I know this message may be long, but I hope you and your family are doing well. Family is key and I have confidence you are at par.

      My sister is an air stewards(hmm, think I wrote that wrong) for Air Canada.

      She was in Copenhagen last week, and Istanbul.

      Can you tell me if you wish, how things are going down there in California?

    7. nickb2
      Now it is up to me to make something of all these diplomas. My best one is the class "a" with OBD2 injection specialist mention.
    8. nickb2
      Hi Bill.

      I got my certificate for "usine alimentaire" today. It made me laugh. Life is so easy sometimes, and difficult at other times. Being stupid and smart at the same time is complicated.

      Just wanted to tell you that I got the official bronze/silver educational patch. I am now good for work in two trades across Canada and USA. You are the first person I have told about this apart from my GF.
    9. nickb2
      We have forged a friendly relationship (french aside) across the years, and I do not want to scrap it.

      I respect you in a big way and do not know how to say this in any other way.

      If we can fix this, let's do so.

      You brought me to a higher standard and will always be indebted to you for this even if you are far away.

      As much as others have told me I was a mentor. You are one to me!!
    10. nickb2
      Hi bill, please Pm me if you want to. Cuz I wanted to post you a PM and can't seem to do so. regards. Nickb2
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