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97 Toyota Corolla: How do you replace inner tie rod?

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97 Corolla, 1.8, auto, 123,000 miles

I bought this car in Nov. Rack and Pinion was replaced by previous owner at around 105,000 miles.

Had a  friends shop tell me it needed a passenger side inner tie rod. They let me see if while on the lift and it does have some movement when you grasp the tire and move it in and out.  There is also some inner tire thread wear.

I want to tackle the replacement myself. What special tools will I need? Any tips or precations?
I will be working off jack stands.

Thanks for the help.  Steering and suspension are not my strong points.. :ROFL

You will need a special tool to remove it. It resembles a long black tube with different adapters to unscrew the the inner tie rod. Maybe you can get this tool frome your local parts dealer on a rental basis as it is a specialty tool. OTC and snap on and mac tool sell it. It has a 1\2 inch drive at one end and is approx 1 1\2 feet long. Good luck.       Nick ....x

Thanks for the info. Looks like Lisle has the set and 29mm crowsfoot I need.

Well, I just wasted $16.95 on a worthless alldatadiy subscription on this Corolla; it does not have a single R&R  procedure on tie rod ends  >:(.   Maybe they consider this job straight forward for most, buy why call it "DIY" in their name?

OK, I'll stop my ranting.

Does anyone have any other repair database that gives the steps and maybe some pics/sketches? One item that comes to mine is the rack boot/dust sleeve...I'm assuming the crimp on the end has to be removed in order to get the tool into the area to remove the end? What kind of crimp and tool is needed to re-install a new crimp after the job is complete?

Steering/suspension never interested me in auto tech school.  I was always the guy interested in driveability/electrical work.

I wish I would have paid more attention now.... :ROFL

Remove clamp and when you replace it, just you a good sized tie rap. Have been doing this for 16yrs and never had a problem. This is done all the time by pros. Don't forget to lock the tab when done tightening the inner tie rod. Lock tight never hurts also. Count the turns when removing the outer tir rod and replace with same amount of turns to achieve approx toe in/out. ....x


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