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4L60E rebuild

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the low reverse usually will need to be tap down into the case make sure you lubricate the seals first with vaseline or trans gel then tap it down evenly then install the low/reverse spring and snap ring

Did you have trouble compressing the low/reverse return spring enough to get the snap ring installed? Yes, the low/reverse piston needs to be tapped all the way down, cleanly & evenly. Also, there is only one position where the piston will go down all the way. There is a locator on the back of the piston that fits into a groove inside the case. It allows the notch for the parking pawl to pass through so it can hit the output ring gear. Count the number of steels & frictions that came out of the unit originally, some only used 4 steels & 4 frictions but your kit will come with 5 & 5. Post back, Transman

as it turns out it was just the anti clunk spring keeping it from going all the way down. after tearing it back apart a couple times i finally decided to just try different things to figure out what was causing it. i ended up popping the plate with the butt of my hammer and it sat right in there nicely...lesson learned i guess. everything is going smoothly again and hoping to install it back in the truck this weekend...

well no such luck getting it installed this weekend. i have zero end play and after taking it apart a couple times trying different size washers, i have damaged the teflon rings on the stator. with no washer at all, i only have .020 end play. the pocket that the washer sits in appears to be about .050 deep. the smallest washer listed is .074...that will still leave me no end play. ugh,  >:(   what am i doing wrong???

You don't have the clutch packs loaded all the way down. Transman


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