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Author Topic: 2000 Impala LS ( Heater or Ac won't blow , water leaks on floor) Help Please!  (Read 677 times)

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My 2000 Impala LS V6 engine 3.  8L wasn't bad at first.   Till like 3 weeks later after purchasing it, The heat / ac either one I had on would pop off at the slightest bump in the road and pop back on if I hit a big bump.   It still came on so I could tolerate but now about 2 months ago it just died all together.   The lights on the unit still works fine but it won't blow out a single air through the vents.   Not even low air just nothing, either ac/ heat.   Though if I turn the dial to cut it on you can kinda tell that its on because of the difference in the way the car sorta drives.   I do not hear a fan moving between changing the speed, it makes no sound at all as if a fan is changing speeds or on.   I do for some odd reason hear what sounds like running water, which usually I hear after turning of my car.   Upon returning to my car later, my passenger seat floor would be soak, once I even seen the water trickling down to the floor from under the glove department.   Also the defrost blows very very little, only enough to defrost a small patch in the middle of the windshield, but isn't enough to drive anywhere in it during cold weather or raining days when windows might fog.   That's basically the only bit of air that puts out on the car.   I heard from 4 different mechanics i usually deal with that said they think it was the blowing motor, the other said it was the blowing resistor, another said to check some hose or wires under my dash board and the last one said, replace the dials and get a whole new ac unit.   ( The buttons and dials that used to operate the ac/heat).   Neither are licensed mechanics so I would like to here from guys that are.   Please help me.  .  .   
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You could have two separate problems here, or one causing the other.....

If you have a manual system, and you have a water leak, the water could hit the resistor block and take out the resistor block....

Or a water leak(I don't think we are talking a heater core leak, you would smell the coolant), and a connection/blower motor problem(due to bumps causing on/off situation)....the other possibility is a plugged condensate drain......

These cars are known for air inlet, water dam problems.....different years use different methods to prevent water from entering the fresh air inlet opening....some use a rubber diverter, that can fall off and allow water in.....some use a plastic shield, that can come loose and allow water either case, water can enter the fresh air inlet, get into the HVAC ductwork, and leak onto the floor, get into the motor and take it out, and also when the motor is turned on, would send the water splashing against hot resistor block, taking that out....

What I would do, is remove the PS wiper arm, remove the retainers for the plastic cowl under the wiper arm and lift up the cowl on that side and see if the rubber diverter is in place or the plastic shield is in place.....

As for the blower motor, you remove the hush panel, on the passenger side, turn the blower on, and if the motor doesn't turn, give the housing a love tap with a hammer or handle of a screwdriver.....if it runs, need a motor.....if it doesn't, remove the the harness to the motor and check the harness end and the mating end of the motor for melting due to poor electrical contact....if ok, attach a test light to the two wire harness connector and turn blower speed from low to high....should see test light get progressively brighter.....if it does, need a motor....if it doesn't, check power leg and ground leg, individually..........If ground is ok, and no power, then have to check power to resistor block(manual) or blower control module(if auto temp).....

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Driving in an icy rain can also cause this problem, plugs that drain, freezes, stalling the blower motor squirrel cage wheel, and blows out that resistor block.

See rockauto sells a new AC Delco for 56 bucks, not a bad price, and would only stick with Delco for this all important function.  Can't even drive these newer cars without a blower motor.

In fairer weather, debris can block those drains depending on the opening sizes of the intake vents, living in the woods would take in chicken wire, those 1/4" squares to limit the size that can drop in.  You generally can see that squirrel cage when you remove the fresh air intake grill.

Finally got a car with a cabin filter, least the buck stops there, how about taking apart the MVAC vent system and either finding dead mice or a live hornets nest.


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